Is my NLN score good enough?

  1. I took the PAX RN yesterday at Farmingdale and I got my scores back right away. I got a 127 composite score and in the 89th percentile. Is that good enough or should I retake it? I swear nothing that I studied in the science section of the book was on the exam. They might as well tell people to study nothing but physics lol. I was so caught off guard with the questions in the science section. They went way beyond what the book had. But anyway, the woman said that my score was good. Her exact words were "you just made it by the skin of your teeth, missy." She said they only consider people in the 90th percentile and above, but my scores were above the cutoff point that the school considers. I'm confused. Is my 89% acceptable?
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  3. by   enlargemyterritory
    That is a little confusing because I would think if your school considers 90th composite percentile & above, you just missed by one point? I'm in a similiar situation as I'm trying to get into a summer program at my school & the composite percentile score for them to consider you is 91 & I received a composite of 130 & a composite percentile of 92, which is just one point over. My point in explaining all of that is that I am going to be taking the NLN exam again March 25th to see if I can raise my score a few points & hopefully secure a spot for this upcoming Summer. My suggestion would be to take the exam again & try to raise your score a few points. Maybe some others will chime in to give you some advice as well. Good Luck
  4. by   vaaalv
    when did you take ur first nln exam? and did you have to wait for 6 months to retake it? i want to retake it soon but, i believe the waiting period is 6 months =[
  5. by   enlargemyterritory
    The first NLN exam I took was in the beginning of January & no we don't have to wait another 6 months to take it. I know your only allowed 3 times to take it & then I'm not sure what happens, but this will be the 2nd attempt for me & I'm hoping I'll get better than the 92 composite percentile that I got the first time........cross my fingers.
  6. by   vaaalv
    what school do you go to, because im trying to find a way to retake mines too...and goood luck on ur 2nd try! hope u do well.
  7. by   enlargemyterritory
    I go to Lanier Technical College in GA......thanks for the well wishes, I hope you get to re-take your real soon as well.