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Hi Everyone! I am new to this site I must say. But I need advice as to what I should do to better my chances of getting into the BSN nursing program at the University of South Florida since my gpa is... Read More

  1. by   Griffin123
    Hi there Dj. I'll throw in my 2 cents as well. If you are intent on going to USF the best place for advice would simply be to speak to one of the counselors in person. There is nothing on your transcript that will surprise them and they will give you honest advice on how to get you to where you want to be. Having said that, please know there are schools out there that only have gpa requirements on the last 60 credit hours or so (and many of them aren't as high as USF. Mine, for example, requires a 2.5 gpa on the last 60 hours). This is fairly common so it shouldn't be hard to find a school like this if you are willing to go somewhere besides USF. The bottom line: Even if USF does turn out to be an unreachable goal (which I don't think it will be) there will be other nursing options out there. If this is what you want to do, make it happen. I wish you all the best!
  2. by   ContraryRock
    Work experience would probably help you decide what you want. I completed most of my prereqs a few years ago but couldn't make up my mind for sure that this was what I wanted, so I quit school for a while. Then I got my CMA, started working, and I knew for sure that the medical field was right for me- so I would get your CNA back in order (regardless of what your husband thinks- he's not the one who has to work the job). CNAs usually have no trouble getting work, at least where I am.
    Experience might also help make up for a less than ideal GPA. As can excellent recommendations, good entrance exam scores, etc. Alternatively, you could get your bachelor's in education and then, if you decide you want to go into nursing after all, look in to an accelerated BSN program. There are tons and tons of options out there.
  3. by   na-na
    Hey, I am a pre-nursing student at the university of south florida. What division did you plan on applying to, upper division or the 2nd degree. I just applied to their program just a few weeks ago to the upper divisionwith a 3.6 gpa and I am only an alternate. The minimum gpa for upper division is 3.5 and I tthink for the accelerated is 3.4. However, if you meet the minimum gpa, there is also an essay involve, and I think that this is what helped me. Anyways still waiting to here if anyone has declined their seat.

    Good luck!!
  4. by   Dj0815
    Hi Na-Na I plan on applying to the upper division after I work on my gpa. Did they change the required gpa? Is it no longer a 3.2 because that's what I read on the website. Did u have any volunteer or work experience?
  5. by   Dj0815
    Hi ContraryRock. We're you accepted into the nursing program? Also I thought about getting my education degree but wasn't sure if I even had a chance to go the nursing route first since that is ultimately what I want to do anyways