1. 0 I start NS in the Fall and so I am trying to get all these things done before August. I went yesterday for my physical and have to go back tomorrow for the vaccines. Turns out, after having my records faxed, I am only missing one. The TB skin test. My records state that I received the Hep B series in 1998. Should I be good then and not need the series again before nursing school? Has anyone else ever had any experience or problems with the Hep B vaccines? I know all schools are different and I have tried to call mine, but they are out of the office for the summer so I am just trying to see if anyone has any advice that has been in this situation. Thankyou :-)
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    My school required titers which proved I was immune even though I had my records. I had to get titers for hep b, mmr, and varicella.

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