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I'm new here; I'm having a hard time choosing nursing colleges to apply to - page 2

Hi I live in California and I am taking my pre requisites at my local college. I have two more semesters left and I don't know if I am interested in the California wait into the programs which are a... Read More

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    Quote from DominiqueChehlaoui
    Hey Ms.Frank

    I also cannot afford or wait 4 years to get a BS in nursing or 2 yrs to get my R.N.So for now I am going to a community college here in Houston,Texas and working on my L.V.N(which takes a yr)certificate/license.After working a year or so,I will either THEN be working on a bridge prgrm lvn-rn program or an lvn to B.S.N.program.I figured if i go this route I have 2 advantages,1) I have classes for a year and see how i like nursing and then forward my education AND 2)after getting my L.V.N license, I can work and get experience before or during furthering my education.Ive noticed in alot of ads alot of nursing jobs want experience..Just a thought...
    Hi Dominique, thanks for the reply. I definitely think your going in the right direction, it makes since to keep busy while waiting. And I agree you would have an advantage with the working experience. I called a few local hospitals today and a nice lady who worked at Kaiser Permanente gave me so much great information, she told me that they hire new grad students but they look for some sort of experience. I think you are on the right track. Do you know which schools you plan to apply to for the bridge programs?

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