if you are a CNA working at a hospital, can you put that on a future nursing resume?

  1. [FONT=System]I am going to be taking a nursing assistant program over the summer and when I graduate, I plan on working at a nursing home before I transition into working at a hospital as I go to school to get my A.A. in nursing. I was wondering, after I get my degree and first become a RN, can I put my old CNA experience down on a resume? I really want to turn in something more than just a blank resume and I figured that actual paid CNA work is better than just filling the spaces with volunteer work. If this doesn't work, what are things I can do to fill the experience void on my resume after I actually become a RN?
    [FONT=Fixedsys]My [FONT=System]ultimate goal is to become a N.I.C.U nurse and I want my resume to be filled with experience before then.
    [FONT=System]Thank you for your time.

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  3. by   caliotter3
    Yes. It is patient care experience. I put my CNA jobs down in the beginning of my nursing career until I had enough nursing entries to push them off the resume page.