I want to become a nurse but I'm scared to see broken bones

  1. I am taking prerequisite courses and have just recently decided I want to become a nurse. I want to work in the childrens hospital in my city (toronto) but the only thing is I dont want to work in the ED because I dont want to see broken bones because I dont know how my body will react to it, like I wont faint or throw up but I am just scared that I wont know how to react or respond to looking at it because I will be in shock and disgusted by the look of the broken bones.... is it normal to feel like this? I am scared that it will hold me back in becoming a nurse, how do I get over this? And do you have a choice whether or not you want to work in the ED?
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  3. by   onyx77
    Know your limitations. We all have at least one thing that "gets" us. Some of us have more.
    During my ER rotation in clinicals I quickly went from nursing student to patient when watching a hip reduction. I work in LTC and love it! I have seen many dislocated and broken hips. As well as other broken bones and have not had a problem. It is different when you are the one taking care of the person or the problem.
    Nursing gives us many different setting to work in. Choose one that best suits you and your limitations.
  4. by   StacieB
    I would say it's normal for most people to react that way at first. I took EMT training where my instructor held nothing back in the pictures and videos he showed us. Eventually you get detached from it and can objectively look at something. The more you see it, the more desensitized you become to it.