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Okay, so I still need to finish my pre reqs to send in my Nursing School App. However, I have a problem: Complex Partial Seizures. They are not fully controlled and I get them every now and then. I get them during class sometimes... Read More

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    Yeah, I don't want to say ignorance... because that just makes me sound mean. However, there are a lot of people who judge someone from what they see but they dont fully understand what it is. My cousin has bipolar and he never tells anyone (not that he needs to) but because he is self conscious about it. I mean him and me are close so he confides stuff to me... I think it's because we both deal with crap we cant control.
    I love being an EMT, I also have great bed side manner, I ride with some techs that say "Oh this guy is a frequent flier" so and so forth, but in that back of my head, I feel for the guy. I dont show the guy that I'm annoyed that this is the 3rd time this week are picking him up for abdm pain. What can you do.
    The first time someone told me that I should reconsider being a nurse, I changed my major as well to music... yeah i dont know why i did that.
    The most shocking part for me was how rude the nurse was to me who told me this lol its like lady you need to take a seat. I would have thought she would have understood the complexity of seizures... haha but it's whatever, she might have just been having a bad day or something. We'll never know what her beef was.

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    I know exactly how you feel. In 2006, at the age of 21 I began having syncope ( passing out) at my college. It reached a point till I had to leave college in 2008. However, throughout this time I still worked towards being a nurse. In 2009, I attended a college much closer to home. I then began have full grand mal seizures and I was diagnosed as having epilepsy. However, despite the medication I took it would not be controlled for any period of time. I still worked towards entering a nursing program however unlike you my condition was never controlled. It was only then I changed my mind about being a nurse because I truly could not get passed the physical and it was uncontrolled for some time. However, I soon became my own healthcare advocate and really looked into my health problem instead of just listening to doctors. Eventually I found out that I have a severe hormone imbalance due to a previous condition and this was causing the seizures. Right now, I am waiting for acceptances to ABSN programs ( and I am seizure free).

    The point of my story is to never give up. If nursing is your dream do not give up unless your condition reaches a point where you would put patients at risk. There are nurses today who have a plethora of medical conditions and they work out just fine.

    Follow your dream. It took me 9 years to get my BA because of my illness. However, I am not bitter. My experiences will make me a better nurse because I learned patience.

    Become a nurse and be the best one!!
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    Thank You!!!!!!!! Grand Mal's are no fun. You feel like you ran a marathon and you body is falling apart afterwards! I feel you! Are you taking anti seizure meds now or no? The reason you couldnt pass the physical was because you were having seizures Or because of the history of seizures? I know that should I get one, I just tense up... like tense up like a statue and that actually stops it... that's what I try and do during school.
    This actually gives me confidence now. Thank you lots.
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    The reason I could not pass a physical was the fact that the seizures were uncontrolled. I would be on meds for a month and be fine and then end up in the hospital because I had full tonic-clonic seizures. It was to the point that I was too tired to do anything. However, I have taken care of the imbalance and I am not on any seizure medications. Just birth control for the hormone imbalance. Seizure free since Sept.!!!

    The best part is however...I will finally be able to get my driver's license now.

    I wish you all the best in nursing school. Which school are you looking to attend?
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    Awesome!!!! Cograts on being seizure free that long! It's actually a huge accomplishment for us!!! The last one was on Saturday, so I kinda keep getting my license taken away. Sucks, but what can you do. Spent some time in the hospital, nothing new.
    I was actually in the Navy for like a month, then I eventually got discahrged for stress fractures.. thank god they never found out about the seizures. So I am going back to school now to finish my pre reqs, then I am thinking about transferring to either William Paterson University, or Felician College. Both are in NJ. Both very competitive also. Worse comes to worse, I'll just get my Associates first.
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    I know where those schools are. I live in Westchester, NY and I am hoping to gain admission to the ABSN program at Concordia College-NY. I wish you the best of luck and I hope we both get the admissions news we want to hear.
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    Oh the irony lol I hear that's a good school. Thank You! You as well.

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