I need Nursing advice.

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    Hi I am a currently a Nursing student at a Community college and trying to transfer to a 4 year Bachelor's in Nursing program. It's very competitive and I don't know what I should do if I do not get in.

    My first fall semester my GPA was not good. It was a 2.9 and right now I am working on my spring classes with the hope of a 3.7 GPA.

    The program I'm trying to transfer to says that the average GPA is a 3.6 .

    I also am enrolled in a Nursing assistant class this summer to get more experience.

    I will hopefully end with a GPA around that average the school is asking for.

    Do you guys think I have a decent chance of getting in?
    What other majors could I go into with the classes I have already taken for nursing?

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    If you get As from here on out you stand a better chance considering your GPA will greatly increase. Are there other nursing programs in your area that you could apply to along with the BSN program? I've heard of switching majors to something like health sciences or kinesiology, since they require a few (but not many) of the same classes.
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    Are you currently in the nursing program or pre-nursing? If you are, why not finish your ADN and do RN-BSN.

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