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I have no idea where i stand

  1. 0 Okay I literally have no idea if I am a competitive candidate for the types of programs I am applying to.
    I am applying to Seattle U, U of Portland, Northeastern, and Boston College- All direct entry masters programs. I have a 3.8, a degree in education, over 1000 hours of diverse volunteering experience (not medical) a 1070 GRE with a 5 in writing. I took up through Organic chemistry (hooray!), but I am still in anatomy now and I haven't taken microbio or nutrition YET (taking them in spring) so I think that's going to work against me. Can anyone tell me if I am wasting my time applying for the summer 2012?
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    Your best bet is to call those schools and talk to admissions.
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    One way to find out is to apply and see what happens.