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I went down to ITT tech yesterday and talked with them about there nursing program, after hearing so many wonderful things about it from my former co-workers and other people. I have no job, a car payment, and I live at home. I... Read More

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    Just keep in mind that the ITT people you talk with are recruiters, have a quota, and are commission based. My dad use to be a assistant dean at one of them. He said to me that their programs are great, but also agreed their tuition is enormously high because they are profit driven. They have a great retention rate because their student services really keep after their students and will even call you if you miss a class to make sure you will be back. Again, it's all about their bottom line numbers. The universities and community colleges are also driven to keep their passing rate and ect. high, but they are not under the pressure of profit and in constant jeopardy of losing their jobs, like the admission/retention staff at ITT are. I have also heard of people that have a hard time getting their credits transferable from technical schools to state schools when they go on for higher degrees. I would check with your local state schools to make sure they recognize credits from ITT. You never know what the future brings and if you will decide to go on for a higher degree.

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