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I am so lost as to what to do...

  1. 0 Hi,
    I am so confused as to what to do as far as an education. I graduated from high school in 2010, and went to Illinois State University for three semesters. By the time 3 semesters were over, I was very much in debt and had taken almost all english classes, when I realized I did not want to work in that field. So I moved home for a semester and attended Illinois Central College for one semester wayyyy part time, then got a full time job and my own place and went 9 hours of gen-eds at ICC both semesters this year. I should be a senior next year, but because I screwed around and took non-gen-eds I am so far behind. I am getting my CNA this summer and plan to work as a CNA through nursing school, which I've heard is really hard...
    My question is this; I was planning to get my ADN at ICC, which means I'll take more gen-eds full time the next year then do the ADN program for 4 semesters with them. This is ideal because I will still be going full time, but it will be easier with having all other classes out of the way. I would then get my adn-bsn hopefully right away as a nurse.
    However, I hate the thought of 6 years in school for an associates degree. Methodist is nearby and I have considered applying there for spring 2014. I should get done at the same time, but I've heard it isn't a great school, and it would be more classes, which makes it hard with my cna.
    OSF St. Francis nursing school is my ideal school, but I would need at least one, maybe an extra semester of gen-eds since it is a bsn program. But,at this point, is 6.5 years any worse then 6 years?

    I'm sorry this is so long, but if anyone has any suggestions PLEASE feel free to leave them. I just really want to join the workforce, but will willingly admit I hate the thought of only having an associates degree. I know that sounds bad, but I admit it...
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    I am a mom to 5 kids. Took me 5 years just to do pre-reqs because I did class either quarter time or part time. Had 2 of my kids in between that time, so I had to take semesters off here and there. I just got accepted to the ADN program. I also plan on going RN to BSN (I hear its very easy and you can work as a nurse and do it no problem). I'm really not sure what you should do, but I don't think there is anything wrong with an ADN Good luck to you. I am a CNA, have been for 10 years. I just got accepted for a job position in the hospital we do clinical's in as a PCT on an infant and children's unit. Part time nights 7p-7:30a 2 nights a week. Schedule your own hours too, so I will be seeing what I can do with the PCTs about scheduling hours because Thur and Fri I have clinical's 7a-1p. So I know I can't work Wed or Thur because I can't be late for clinical's.