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  1. Hello everyone,

    Introduction: I just joined this forum because I needed some critical planning advice on what I should do.
    My interest in becoming a nurse seems to be getting harder and harder to attain.
    I am a 22-year old male student currently taking classes under a Biological Sciences degree in a community college. After taking the classes I need for my major (ochem, bio, math, physic, etc), I will be transferring to a 4-year University to finish off my BS in Biological Sciences.

    Problem: My grades are not by any means stellar nor do I have much experience in this field as well. However, I am more than convinced being a nurse/nurse practitioner is what I want to do. I don't know why but it strikes me hard like concrete and am willing to work hard/harder to get there. With that said, I am a bit confused on what my courses of actions should be. Or rather, just confused on the steps altogether. As mentioned, my plan is to simply finish school and obtain my 4-year BS in Biological Sciences at the University. (University of California - not sure which one yet). Once I obtain this degree, do I then apply for a BSN degree? Or was my BSN degree what I finished in the University? I am a bit lost because BSN (Bachelors in Science - Nursing), isn't what I am enrolled under. I am enrolled as BS - Biological Sciences. Can I apply to Nursing school with a BS in BioSci? Or does it have to be Nursing?

    Another thing I want to mention is the fact that I absolutely just abhor organic chemistry. I managed to pass the first series of O'Chem with a B (but only due to class curve). I don't really understand it and I would at all costs avoid it if there is such a way. Just want to clarify, I do have to finish O'chem correct? Another subject is Calculus. My prior school (University) offered 3-parts of General Calculus. I completed the first two and took a very long break haven't yet completed the third. Now I don't even remember the basis of calculus and going into the 3rd portion of Calculus seems impossible for me to pass the class.

    Just to clarify, prior to my current community college that I'm attending, I've attended a UC where I received a GPA of 2.4. ( I know, pathetic). With that, I transferred to a community college where my standing GPA is currently a 3.0. What can I do to salvage my chances of getting into Nursing school given that I will work much harder to pull up my GPA?

    So far, I've taken 2/3 courses of Calculus, 3/3 General Chemistry, 1/2 Organic Chemistry, and 1 Year of English. That's about all I think of that might be related to the nursing school requirements.

    Also, can someone tell me the succession of steps that are needed after I graduate with my degree in Bio Sci? Please include test takings, applying for nursing school, courses chronologically if at all possible, thanks.

    I know this seems like a HUGE task for some, but I'm sure with all the work you guys have been through, this is nothing. =P

    Just for the laughs, please respond with: "Solution: ...."

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  3. by   PghRN30
    Really you probably should step back at your plans. If nursing is REALLY what you want to do, why finish a degree you are not going to use and accumulate that debt before getting a nursing degree.

    Solution... You could instead try to get into a BSN program, or even an ADN program and become an RN from there without wasting time on a BS first. And for Nursing you do not need Calc, or OChem. Ususally a basic bio, often a basic chem (not always), Microbiology, Anatomy and Physiology, are the science you need. As far as I know bacic algebra is the highest math required for nursing (so EASY math for someone that is taken Calc)

    However if you are set in finishing your BS first, there are Accelerated BSN programs at many colleges that are geared toward people that already have a bachlores in something other then nursing. They are usually fast paced and demanding...and hard to get into. Other then that I think you would just have to start off into a ADN or BSN program, just like you could right now anyway.

    Quite honestly you should probably make an appointment and sit down with your academic advisor and discuss things. Figure out if it is better to change direction now and what you would have to do to do so. You may have to apply to the nursing program of your school to change directions, and you may have to fill in nursing prerequisite classes that you havent done before you can apply.
  4. by   Buddyxboi
    Wow thanks!
    Just to clarify, I will need to get a BSN after I receive my BS degree? I know for a fact that I will not settle with an ADN degree and will want to pursue further education so I might as well just finish my BS degree now.

    1) Take Required Classes for Nursing School
    2) Finish my BS degree in Bio Sci
    3) Get a BSN Degree?
    ...dahh i bit confused now hehe.

    I'll do more research. Thanks<3
  5. by   PghRN30
    What I was saying why get your BS in biology degree at all. Why not just switch to a BSN program.

    A BSN is a BS degree in Nursing.

    To be a RN you have to take the NCLEX-RN licensing test. To be eligible to take that test, you have to complete either a BSN, ADN, or a Diploma RN program. All 3 allow you to test to be an RN, an all three allow further education, RN-BSN for ADN/Diploma RN...MSN, DNP, PhD, as well as many different certifications to be things like a CRNA, NP, and so on.

    But Yes if complete your BS in Biological sciences you will have to then either get your BSN, or ADN, or Diploma RN program. You do not have to do it AFTER your BS in biological sciences. That is exactly what I was saying. You could just talk to your advisor find out what classes you need to take and what you need to do to get into the BSN program INSTEAD of continuing through the BS in biology first. Quite honestly, if I was you that is what I would do. I do not see the point of finishing a BS in biology if you are not going to use it, unless you are almost done and could get into an accelerated BSN program
  6. by   coast2coast
    You have a couple options:

    1. Finish your BS, get an accelerated/second-degree BSN. This is a second bachelor's degree. Programs are between 1 and 2 years in length.

    2. Transfer to a BSN program now for your first bachelor's. This might take awhile because nursing programs are hard to get into. You won't need calculus or o-chem. Will probably need 8 credits of A&P and possibly nutrition to transfer. How long this will take depends a lot on which nursing program you transfer to and how many pre-req's you have to do first. It could easily be a few years.

    3. Finish your BS and apply to a direct-entry NP program. Same pre-req's as 2. This is a graduate degree (MSN). When you finish (and write a couple certification exams) you will be an RN and an NP. These programs are approximately 2-3 years in length, after you finish your BS.

    As far as exams go, some nursing schools require entrance tests and some don't. Many NP programs will require the GRE.

    As far as grades go, you will probably need more than a 3.0. Once you start looking at nursing programs (either BSN or MSN), you will probably discover that you are missing a few pre-req's. Take 1 or 2 semesters to complete these, and you could also take some fluff courses to bring up the GPA. You need excellent grades in your nursing pre-req's.

    As for picking a path ... that is a personal decision. My only advice would be to make sure you get a bachelor's degree in something (i.e., don't drop out and get an ADN). Having a 4-year degree in anything will open a lot of doors and minds wherever you go in life.
  7. by   Buddyxboi
    So then my question is: Can I just switch from my current BS degree in BioSci to a BSN degree in the middle? I am just finishing up my general ed courses and the only upper division course I took thus far is O'chem. Should I ask my counselor if this is even a viable option to do to make a sudden switch or is it not even possible?

    Is a BSN degree an entirely different entity (applying elsewhere) or can it be done by simply filling out papers -- like switching majors?

    I would like to screw my BS degree and just get a BSN. But I do not want to waste anymore time as I have already took 2 years of break and am behind in my course of studies. What is the best decision both financially and Time-wise to make?
  8. by   coast2coast
    The BSN isn't "entirely different" from other majors BUT. Nursing programs are ridiculously competitive. Some schools have lottery systems to get in, some have merit systems, some have 3 -year wait lists. There is a good chance that it will not be a simple or quick process to simply switch majors to a BSN but you will have to talk to your academic advisor about that.

    The best decision is hard to pick here. It really depends on how long it will realistically take you to get into the BSN. It is very possible that it would be faster to finish the BS and then do a second-degree or graduate program. But of course that wouldn't be cheap ... Consider this your first encounter with the nightmare of getting into nursing school.
  9. by   want2banurse35
    Once you are done with the pre-requisites, you can apply to a BSN program whenever they are accepting applications. Most universities in Ca accept apps between Oct and Nov. For the BSN you have to be accepted into it first and the dept will change your major for you. It is like applying to a different entity because it is different requirements than the universities requirements.