How to make the transition from accounting job to nursing field

  1. Has anyone successfully made the switch from working 9-5 in an office environment to nursing school days and nighttime employment?

    Because of the fact that in the Chicago metro area there are no evening nursing programs I am looking at having to quit my 9-5 well paying/good benefits accounting job in order to attend day nursing school. I still need to work fulltime however and can't find any night accounting jobs to see me through school, so I need to renew my CNA license and work that at night for 1/2 the pay while in school.

    I have no husband and no savings and no home to take out an equity loan. I'm 40 years old and am not getting younger. My son will be 18 in another year, so I feel this is my chance to do what I always wanted until life got in the way.

    Any ideas on how to transition?

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  3. by   NurseJennDenn
    Your story sounds similar to mine! I worked for 10 years in accounting which led to a management position. I was a single mother with two young ones and in 2004 I quit my $75,000 a year job and went back to school for nursing. I have two semesters of nursing school left and it's been worth it! I am working as a CNA fulltime. It's been an asset to my nursing degree. I am doing well in school. If I can do it, anyone can. Good luck!

  4. by   foreverLaur
    I did it on a much smaller scale. I worked for Ernst & Young for two years as an intern and then turned down a full time offer (which was very hard) to pursue nursing. It is hard and a huge change, but if it is truly what you want, you won't ever regret it.
  5. by   arabmagic
    I worked in Accounting for 10+ years and just quit my job in August to go back to school full time.

    I actually found an accounting job at JP Morgan Chase and work 2 ten hour shifts on the weekend. I'm only part time but at 20 hours a week I will be eligible for full benefits next month.

    They also have many full time positions with 2nd and 3rd shift hours, as well as full time Friday-Monday or Thursday-Sunday type schedules that may be able to fit around your day time school schedule.

    I will be taking my last 2 nursing pre-requisites in the spring & applying to nursing school! By working in Accounting in the meantime, it helps to remind me why I want to change careers. LOL But I do like my job and it's been perfect for me with my school schedule right now.

    Most people don't think of banks being open on the weekends, but Chase (and possible other banks.... check around) has departments that run literally 24/7, 365 days a year. I work in their Retail Lockbox department.... we process payments (basically A/R) for many, many businesses ~ large and small, hospitals, doctors offices, etc. My focus was Accounts Payable for so many years so it's nice to have a change. They also had various positions in the loan department, financing, etc.

    I just re-read your post & see that you can renew your CNA license so that's a good option too.

    Another option would be to find a job at the hospital ~ while their accounting jobs most likely will be during the day, however they have a lot of administrative/clerical/assistant type jobs with evening, night and weekend hours.

    You may find yourself getting a job on a bit lower scale than you are used to (like me.... I have my Bachelors in Business Administration & make about 1/2 of what I was before I started back in school), but I just keep reminding myself that I'm making a short term sacrafice for my long term goal of nursing! It will all be worth it in the end.

    You could also check into grants, loans, or scholarships to help you stretch financially throughout these next few years. Good luck!
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  6. by   Gretchen1105
    Its great to hear from fellow accountants. I worked for Ernst & Young for 2 years and the moved to an internal audit department for a public company, thinking I needed something different. I have almost been here a year and have realized although its something different, its still accounting and I"m not happy! I plan to quit my job and start pre-reqs in May. I may work part time depending on how classes are feeling. I will then appy for acclerated BSN programs to start the following may. Nice to meet all my fellow accountants!