How should I handle a situation like this young lady at our lab?

  1. First of all, I'm going to tell you a little bit about me. I'm taking pre-nursing classes and I finally conducted my first experiment at our college's laboratory. I felt great being able to touch apparatuses, wearing gloves, and then messing with chemicals. Before we started working, our professor assigned four or five students in each group. In my group, they were five people. One of us was assigned to jot down a data. I was one of the students who conducted experiment. If I couldn't do any work, I would observe and ask a question. I never separated from my group. I worked with my team and I was glad to hear their suggestion, correction, or whatever. Well, I noticed that one student was kept muttering/whining/cursing. She said, "Jesus Christ!" She would say it in a very bad tone. I ignored her for the most part of our lab time. I did notice that she was so busy asking about answers and then ran to her lab manual (Lol). She appeared uninterested in knowing how to do things based in her behavior/attitude. Well, eventually, we pulled her in, so she could work , too. She kept dipping the conductor in a water without pushing the "on" button. I was telling her that she needs to push the button of the conductor harder to work it out. She got more upset. I think that I triggered her madness. Everybody said similar lines to her. I helped her by sharing what I knew rather than complaining why she could not do it. To cut a long story, we were back at our table to do some more work. We needed to redo our experiment in a particular section because of some mistakes. She then said, "I'm not going to redo that!" I talked back by saying, "No arguing and we are going to redo it." The other members said that we did have to redo it anyway as the instruction said so. Take note, she wasn't doing any work. They were four of us working without dramas. Four of us were getting along during work time. The other person just insisting of not doing another work again, who didn't do any single work except being scattered. Is there anything I can do about her? I would like not to work with her in the future, as I don't like to waste time on argument. She could not shut up for awhile. The fact that she wasn't doing any experiment. All she did was actually just getting answers. She didn't care if we did a good job. Is there anything I can do like avoiding her to be part of my team? Should I talk to my professor about this? I wouldn't want pairing with people who aren't valuing their work.
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  3. by   HH_RN13
    Ummm you might have a really hard time in nursing school if you get so worked up over this. If she doesn't want to work on it you simply do the project with the rest of the group and skip giving her answers. If she makes a scene you tell the professor. No need for drama
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    Thank you for the input. I prefer your option (not giving her an answer). I'm still taking prerequisites. Our college has at least about 50,000 students per semester. Getting into a nursing program at my school is pretty challenging. Anyway, I'm an international student, so I have no idea how to... In my country, I could drag her to our professor. Also, I could just do what you have said...not giving her answers.
  5. by   Trenata
    Just let her be, she will find her place which will probably not be in nursing school if she cannot or is unwilling to work. If she doesn't affect your grade then I wouldn't do a thing. If she affects your grade, try not to work with her again and do not offer answers to her.

    Also, it could have just been a bad day for her but maybe not. In either case, she will be affected by what she decides to do.