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Hello Everyone! I am new here and have a few questions for you guys. I am a 19 yr old HS grad and I am indeed a guy. I have been very undecided about what to choose for a career. Right now I am going with a "job" until I... Read More

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    To answer your question about whether or not assisting people with their personal needs, it does get easier. Every time I have to do peri-care or anything else invasive, I treat it as any other medical care while ensuring the patient is comfortable. Personally, being a CNA did not strengthen my desire to be a nurse. It's a very tough job, physically and emotionally. If you're undecided about whether or not nursing is for you.. Think about why you want to do it. Is it all about finances? Do you truly care about helping those in need? What is the driving force? You can also go and check out the nursing program at the school you want to go to. Also, talking to a nursing advisor at the school can help clarify the route you may need to go, academic wise. Again, volunteering and job shadowing are great sources of information. Good luck on your decision!
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    My college says that it requires a minimum of 3.0 to be considered for the program, but my adviser told me that the last class admitted to UNM had an average GPA of around 3.5
    But if you did pretty well in high school, I think you could do it. Some schools consider other factors in addition to GPA.
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    Schwabee524 I disagree with you about nasty ass comment as a CNA you do more then just that. Plus being around other nurses and health care professionals you can pick up a lot of knowledge. Some nurses will even have you assist them with a procedure where you can gain practical learning experience

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