How do Nursing schools calculate GPA?

  1. So I changed my major and there's a couple of credits that aren't related to my pre-nursing degree. I've completed 52 in total, this includes those credits that don't count towards pre-nursing, and this puts my GPA at 2.46. I was making calculations with adding all the credits I need to take that are left for my nursing degree and supposedly I would graduate with a 2.88. This is because of those classes I took that aren't related to my degree. Which is horrible. How do I get my GPA up or how do nursing schools calculate my GPA? Do they just calculate my GPA by removing the credits that aren't related to nursing? Because if they do then that would change it to a higher GPA.
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  3. by   verene
    It depends on the school/program. Some only look at pre-req/pre-nursing GPA. Others calculate cumulative GPA, which includes non-pre-req courses. You'll need to look up the programs you are interested in applying to for their specific requirements and policies when it comes to GPA calculation.
  4. by   Simplistic
    My school only took into account the prereq grades for their nursing program. So, A&P, chemistry, statistics... and so on. Its best to check with your school regarding this!
  5. by   GabsterL
    Thank you! Yea I guess I'll just have to contact admissions and see exactly what they calculate. Its like I want to apply as many as possible, but I wanna save my time and money on applications and schools that I have a higher chance of getting in.