Hospital volunteer interview today

  1. Hello,

    I have a year left to complete my pre-reqs and decided to volunteer at a local hospital to gain some hospital work experience and boost my application quality.

    Do you think this volunteer experience will give me an advantage in my application?
    What can i expect from this volunteer interview?
    What questions should I ask?

    Any advice is welcome. Thanks!
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  3. by   dkmamato3
    I think volunteer work is always a good reflection on you.

    I recently completed my volunteer training for our local hospital and I will be doing weekly volunteering in the ED. It is great opportunity and I am excited about it. Even though there a very few patient related things that I can do, I will get to observe and have prime opportunity to ask questions of the nurses and staff as time allows.

    Good luck on your interview!
  4. by   Bazi-preNursing
    Thank you for your comment. I just got done with my physical exam and have orientation tomorrow.
    I am very excited about this opportunity.
  5. by   astronomia
    Some schools will take volunteer work into consideration, and others won't. I have hundreds of volunteer hours on the med/surg floor, in PACU, in the pharmacy, and on the ER floors, but the university I'm attending isn't interested in my experience. Most other schools I'm looking at will grant points on the application for volunteer work though. Regardless, it has been a really great experience for me! I love the hospital environment and it helps build connections for future employment. Plus, if you have no clinical experience, it will give you a taste of what a hospital is really like and if it's the route you'd like to take with nursing.
  6. by   igotaxed
    I'm beginning a volunteer program at a local hospital soon, and I'm totally stoked. A nurse friend of mine strongly recommended it. Yeah, I'm not banking on it helping me get into nursing school (even though it might), but I know that it will open up my perspective a good bit and possibly help land a few connections for future employment. Good luck!