Hi. Would nursing be the right choice (business student)

  1. I'm a 21 year old student in finance in year 1. I went to another college for business but it didn't feel like the right time and I wasn't interested. I waited 2 years before going to school again. I entered a different college, my grades were mixed of B-D but I also did put 100% effort. I am ending my first year in finance and still no passion and feel I would be no where after 2 more years of school and no experience, what business firm will take me? In highschool I was bad with science, English is my 2nd language, and I will have to take the pre-science/health cert. of a year. I plan on entering the 4 year university in RN. I am in Canada, it would be awesome helping people, moving around, getting actual experience while studying the odd hours - I love it. I can't think of sitting behind a desk dealing w numbers. For the nursing who studied in Canada, Ontario how difficult is the study load? As I'm worried how many times can you fail before your done and cut from the school? Would it be managable with poor science from HS? I am worried as I'm 21/22 soon I can finish my finance at 24.. Or do pre health and RN and finish at 27. What are your thoughts? My parents are totally against me switching to nursing after years of doing nothing til now and want me to finish something. I'm scared that I won't do good in university as I'm a slow learner.
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    Dear Pasha:

    Hi I just saw your post and wanted to respond to you. I became a nurse in 2007 and have about 2 years of experience. I know what it feels like to try and pursue something that you are not totally passionate about. I think its intelligent on your part to not want to continue in an area where you have realized that you cannot see yourself functioning in that capacity for the long haul. I knew since I was about 6 years old that I wanted to be a nurse. I could have taken nursing in HS but did not have the confidence. For me the fear or challenge was math.

    I did not pursue nursing until I moved from NYC and at the age of 33 I went for it. I cannot tell you obviously about how Canada's nursing programs or requirements would be. But I would take the time and for one go to an area hospital and talk to a few nurses if possible to ask what their experiences are and ask questions. You can also ask to shadow a nurse to get an idea of what a day in nursing would be like.

    You seemed excited in mentioning the idea of helping others and that is a plus! Nursing school here in VA was challenging and it was definitely stressful at times. I worked very hard and took it seriously because I was already a mom and a wife so I didn't have time to waste. You may have a weakness and may be a slow learner but that just means you would need to work a little harder to be successful.

    I am curious as to why your parents aren't supporting you becoming a nurse? If you haven't done anything woudn't this be a positive move in a direction to better yourself? Pasha you can read a lot of posts here on AllNurses.com and you can get an idea of what you would be up against. Type in questions in the search box and sometimes you will be directed to posts that may address your question or words ie: is nursing school hard? Why did you become a nurse etc.

    I hope that I have helped you in some way to begin your journey. I wish you the best of luck and I hope that you will have the peace and confidence to become whatever you desire to be. Good Luck to you....
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    Thank you for the reply.My parents are from a European country where students get their degrees at age 21. I'm already 21 and my parents are paying for my school, wasted 2 first years, now back in business year 1, they are very disappointed and think I am not academic enough for nursing. I have clinical depression and deal with aneixty) they know of this and going further towards the business world gets worse but I manage. I need security in a job which nursing seems to provide unlike business. I'm also taking a huge risk if I take nursing, my parents will pay for my business degree till I finish. But with nursing I am on my own and will have to get a loan.. It will be 40k of basic debt, a huge risk on my half. I also live with my boyfriend who has 5 years of business expiernce and always seems to be stressed and unhappy. He thinks I have the caring personality for it and will manage better than business.
  5. by   MochaRN424

    Ok with that being said...I can understand the problem. With you stating that you have clinical depression and deal with anxiety...as I expressed nursing school is stressful and the job environment. Have you looked into any other medical fields? Such as Physical Therapy, Xray Technician, dietician, dental hygiene to name a few. With a weakness in Science you may have an issue since Nursing requires Science.

    I do not suggest that you take out any loans for any reason because that alone...having all that pressure can cause anyone to break. Google some of the fields I suggested and sit down and talk with your parents and see if all of you can come up with a viable soulution for your future. I agree with you in regards to business if you don't like it then you probably are setting yourself up to fail and your parents would have wasted their money.

    I have a HS business degree and I was able to work for the City Of New York for the Office of Child Support Enforcement and the business office of a major teaching hospital in NYC doing pre-collection for the hospital...which I enjoyed both but didn't need college at the time.

    How about Health Administration? That's business but in the hospital enviornment...Why does your business degree have to be solely in Finance?