1. Just curious if anyone knows the difference between the two. I attempted the TEAS last year in an attempt to get into Keizer's nursing program before deciding to go to the local community college and failed miserabley. I had a few books to study, but literally no foundation. I'm completing pre-req's now. The cc uses the HESI, and I was just wondering how the two tests differ or are similar.

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  3. by   Lucidity
    I took the Hesi a couple months ago and did pretty well (89%).

    There are different versions of the Hesi A2 exam. Some schools need you to take all of the sections (math, reading, grammar, anatomy&physiology, chemistry, vocabulary, biology and physics) my school only required the first 6. some schools only require 4 of those categories. different schools pick different categories.

    The Evolve Reach Admission Assessment Exam Review (2nd ed) was the book we were told to study from. It helped a lot for math, somewhat for chem/reading/grammar/vocab, and but not much for anatomy & physiology (the questions were easy, but very random, look over your notes instead to study for that).

    The test is not hard. I am horrible at math, hate math, and got a 94% on that section. you just need to study and make sure you know how to solve the problems in the study guide. Vocab is where most people struggle, because there are words on the test that you will just not know and will have to guess. Chem is very basic, like middle school level. Study and you will do fine.

    I am transferring to another school for nursing because mine has become far too competitive. My friend got a 93% on her test and has a 3.79 gpa and did not get in. We both are going to take the TEAS. Could you tell me a bit about it? What does the science consist of/ how many categories are there/ what was most difficult/ how to study, ect, please
  4. by   RNpatrol
    I have taken both the TEAS V and the HESI A2 exams, and hands down HESI was easier. Definitely need to study the math, I got a 98% on that section, it was full of ratios. The HESI study book is very helpful and if you really spend the time in it you will do just fine! Hoerla, I thought that TEAS was pretty difficult. I got an 80 for my overall combined score. I found that the reading, and grammar sections were my lowest scores, which I usually do the best in. Others that I talked to also had trouble in these areas. I would get the study guide and thoroughly go over it, it is super thick though, so it might take awhile to get through. Good luck, I hope I was helpful!
  5. by   GirlDotson
    I went in with almost no foundation to go off of when I took the TEAS. I got the study guides, paid for the online practice tests, googled every other study guide I could find, and studied (w/a tutor) for two months before I took it, and still, I failed miserable. Lol. I dropped out of school when I was in 9th grade, so I pretty much missed the majority of what was tested on the TEAS. There were algebra, osmolarity, periodic table of elements, adverb, angles, and a whole plethera of ther things I had never even seen before on it. If I had to take it now, I would be more prepared because I am currently taking classes that teach some of those things, but before...oh my Lord, I cried and cried because it was so difficult for me.

    Now, all that being said, perhaps if I more of a foundation to build on, then it might not have been so hard. I just look at it in this light: If I had passed, I would be going to a school that owuld have charged me three arms, and three legs in the end, and I would have the awesome study group/new friends I have now.