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  1. I'm taking the HESI A2 in six days, and only first heard of this exam six days ago. I'm taking this as an entrance exam for an ADN program. I've got a variety of study aids, one of them being hesiprep online exams. I'm currently a respiratory therapist and am getting some questions that I haven't a clue about and wouldn't expect anyone else to know prior to nursing school. Because I'm finding LOTS of mistakes in this test I have to really question how good this site is as a study aid.

    Questions like: Which of the following species of rickettsiae does NOT need a host to survive? and Turner's syndrome is associated with which of the following systems of the body,or In terms of enteric media, using Salmonella-Shigella agar gives all but which of the following results?

    I see these as reasonable questions for someone IN nursing school, or post-nursing school, but are these types of questions really on the HESI A2?
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  3. by   mac léinn
    Those are Microbiology questions.

    How many prereqs does your school require prior to entering??

    Is Microbiology a prereq for the ADN program you are in??

    While Micro is a required course for my schools ADN program they do not require any prereqs to apply (just a HESI entrance exam, ACT Score if fewer than 10 credit hours) but it is required you take it during the 2yr ADN program.

    The BSN program does have Micro as a prereq before you can apply.

    With the growing number of applicants, I think schools are expecting students to take some of the required courses while waiting to get accepted into their programs.

    Kaplan has a good HESI Study guide as does the EVOLVE Learning System.

  4. by   dinman127263
    Besides all the other non-science topics, the school requires, on the HESI, A&P, Bio, and Chemistry. Does the HESI have a specific Microbiology section? My school's only prereq courses are A&P I, and microbiology is a course in the 3rd semester.

    I guess my point is that I feel pretty confident in all the areas except micro as I've never taken the course. And since they have students take it during the program, I'm not sure why it would be part of the entrance exam.

    Bottom line question is: On the HESI, is microbiology part of the biology section?

  5. by   mac léinn
    As for my school, they have tailored the HESI specifically for our school.

    Our HESI entrance exam includes an Extensive A&P section, Math, Reading, Vocab, Grammar. They removed all chemistry and biology so I do not know what other HESI exams for other schools include. Sorry!

    But the https://evolve.elsevier.com/cs/Satel...dience=Student website that makes the HESI have study guides for their exams.

    They have a small book that we were told to buy that included all the sections, but I removed the Biology & Chemistry sections as to make it easier to study.

    Good Luck!!
  6. by   Tinman1017
    Nope, there is not a Microbiology section on the HESI.

    Just regular old Biology. Memorize the organelles and their functions, that will help you alot! I believe it was only 30 questions. Basic stuff.

    I got a 90 percent on that section.

    good luck!