HELP! Which nursing school should I choose?

  1. Hi all!

    I'm fairly new to becoming a member of AN but I've been a reader for months and finally decided to join. I love this community, it's so helpful and I love the many articles and topics you guys come up with. But I'm in a pickle and I need some advice and help! I live in Illinois and will be starting nursing school in August. I've been accepted into Quincy University/Blessing Rieman college of nursing. For me to be accepted into Blessing I have to take the Hesi. However, Quincy is 6 hours away! I also applied to Bradley University and I'm waiting to hear back from them. But Bradley is only 2 hours away. So here's where my dilemma comes in at. Firstly, I want to know If anyone has heard anything about Blessing Rieman's nursing program? If so I would love to know what you have heard. I'm not used to being so far away from home and 6 hours is a long way but I received a scholarship that will pay for half of my education there for the 3 years I'm in the program. I havent heard anything from Bradley yet and won't know until May. I keep pushing more towards them because its closer to home but i don't know if I'm gonna get the same scholarship.
    Please you guys I need some advice! I know my post is kind of long but any advice is appreciated.
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  3. by   caringkind11
    Hey I'm in the same boat as you. Have you gotten any info for schools yet. If and when I do I'll send some to you if ur interested. Thanks for ur time.
  4. by   RN2BE93
    Yeah, I get mail from both schools all the time! I even went to visit Bradley and its beautiful. I've seen pictures of Quincy's campus and it also looks beautiful and both are small schools. I've been talking to the nursing coordinator at Quincy and she's nice and very helpful. But the scholarship I got from there is making me want to pick that school so I won't have as much student debt after I graduate.
  5. by   stephanne
    I used to visit Bradley when my friend went there! It's nice!