Help, Need some advice & easing of my mind! Help, Need some advice & easing of my mind! | allnurses

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Help, Need some advice & easing of my mind!

  1. 0 Hello, I am new to this board. I have spent my past semester at Roger State taking nursing pre-reqs. Looking for some advice and easing of my mind! Right now I have an overall gpa of 3.63 I have applied at RSU's nursing. Of the pre-reqs I have made an A in A&P, A in cell biology, A in Comp 1, A in college experience. I am enrolled in dosage currently so I am working my tail off in there. But, I am starting to get very nervous about being accepted. What does it look like my chances are of getting in?? Please honest opinion! I am shaking in my boots Thanks so much for any replies, I greatly appreciate it!
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    Well…it looks like you have a pretty good chance. I know most nursing schools around me looking mainly at A&P and Micro. So, if you have A's in that, that is a big accomplishment! :-) Relax, it seems like you have a good chance. Keep us posted.