Has anyone gone through ADN @ Elizabethtown (ECTC)?

  1. Hello to all reading this, and thank you if you are. I'm racking my brain trying to figure out how I stack up to other applicants. In particular, I'd like to know how I fair with Elizabethtown (ECTC) and Jefferson Tech (JCTC), KY. I'm new to the state, and have applied for the RN and LPN @ ECTC. Applying to JCTC at the end of this semester. From what I think I understand, only those who all A's and 99% get in. And I just have no idea what flies with JCTC! I have searched through allnurses and googled, and finding info for ECTC is like finding the ever-elusive-unicorn. I've got a 3.24 nursing gpa and 83% nln score. What does my future look like getting picked up on the 1st round at either ECTC or JCTC? Any information or opinions are appreciated! Thank you in advance!