Hallelujah! A&P Midterm is DONE!!

  1. I have been studying like CRAZY for the last couple of weeks. I have been so nervous about taking this exam. I am taking the class online, and the teacher cuts us absolutely NO slack. In fact, she makes it unnecessarily difficult at times. The midterm was no different. It was a computer exam, of course, and the way some of the questions were set up was ridiculous!

    For example, there was a section of questions where we had to label parts of a cell. There was a picture of the cell with letters pointing to different parts. No problem, right? Well, the first question was fine. Then the next one pointed to the nucleus, but instead of having one text box to type in your answer, there were 3??? When you put the mouse pointer over the other text boxes, they said Question # 241, Part 2 or 3. WTH???? Several were like that. So, for the nucleus, I thought maybe she just wanted us to put nucleus, nucleolus, nuclear envelope or something, so I did. But the next one pointed to a ribosme, but there were 2 text boxes!

    Soooo confusing. I sent her an email about it and told her about that and the other abnormalities in the exam. I sure hope there wasn't something going on that I just didn't understand! This wasn't supposed to turn into a rant, though. I am just so incredibly happy that it is done!
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