GPA Issues- Apply or Not?

  1. Hey y'all! I have some GPA issues legitimately OUT of my control. Just FYI I am from Alabama, so thats where I will be applying. In 2008, I was attacked when coming up on someone stealing my car. At that time I was on an Academic Scholarship at the University of Alabama. I wound up in a coma, having emergency brain surgery, and being in the hospital for about a month. I was sent home by the drs saying I would be a permanent vegetable with a 2 year olds mind. Thank Jesus, I obviously am NOT. If I didnt tell people they would never have a clue. But needless to say, I had to medically withdraw from school that semester. Somehow, the Ws are being calculated as F's on my GPA. They keep saying they will fix it, but it never happens. I also attempted to go to one of those" online schools" and had a HORRIBLE time and wasted money out the wazoo. They kept withdrawing me from classes and giving me F's on those classes just so they could reregister me and charge me again. (They were saying that I was not attendin my classes online when I obviously WAS bc I would post responses and turn in my work on time.) So that brought my GPA down too. In order to apply at these local community colleges, I have to have a 2.5 gpa. I currently will have a 2.4. I want to apply in the Spring for the Fall. There is one particular school that has a deadline for applying in April, but last year they waited until Sprin grades were posted to make their decision. I am confident I can pull my GPA up to at LEAST minimum if I take a full course load in the Spring. I spoke with two advisors at the school, one said she thought I had a high chance of getting in, and to apply and include a letter describing my situation. The other one tolold me not to even apply bc I was not eligible with a gpa lower than 2.5. Would it be worth it to apply anyway?
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  3. by   Cherry02
    Quote from missmisty1988
    Somehow, the Ws are being calculated as F's on my GPA. They keep saying they will fix it, but it never happens.
    This is unacceptable. An easily fixable error on your transcripts shouldn't make you ineligible for nursing school. Have you gone in there to talk to them in person? I have had issues at my school with things not getting done after talking on the phone...but as soon as I go in, things get done. If I was you, I would go over to the school and tell them the situation. You need them to fix your transcripts NOW. You don't have time to wait around. And I would also ask for a name and number of the person in charge of fixing it in case you need to contact them...and I would also ask for a good time to come back and pick up (or send) the corrected transcripts. They have to know you aren't going to let it go. If you only need to raise your GPA up 0.1, fixing that problem should do the trick.

    Good luck!
  4. by   keepmovingrn
    I agree with Cherry I would be all over this like "white on rice." I wouldnt let it go, I would be relentless about it.

    Good luck.
  5. by   jballa34
    Keep at it
  6. by   Iridescent Orchid
    You have to keep on their backs or it'll never get corrected! Get them to fix it and then apply! Best of luck!