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I have been planning to go to nursing school (direct entry MSN) & have been progressing in that direction. The other day I was having a conversation with a coworker (a non-practicing nurse!) and she... Read More

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    I never regretted going back to school it was a tough 3 years but I have been employed. Each time i have applied for a job i have had an offer. My current job I was even recruited. That was exciting. So many choices... and oppertunities.
    Please share your secret, I have yet to get hired
  2. by   AtomicWoman
    You were very fortunate. A lot of people who have graduated in the last few years have had great difficulty finding their first job. Glad you were able to land one! (This is in reply to deleern)
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    I also went to nursing school late and did not graduate until I was in my early 50s. For those of you planning to go on to become NPs, I can tell you this -- every doctor I interviewed with for an NP position *loved* the fact that I had a lot of "life experience" (code word for older, LOL). They felt patients would relate well to me, and they do. I think they were also relieved that I was past the age of having kids, but they couldn't say that, of course. One doc pointed out that two of his NPs were on maternity leave and he was going crazy trying to cover their hours. I had multiple NP job offers, unlike what happened when I got my BSN and no one wanted to hire a new grad, no less a new grad with a lot of "life experience". Go figure.
  4. by   MyOwnBlueSky
    I'm 39 married mother of two taking pre req's now for BSN program. This is a second career for me... Reading all of the inspirational stories on this site is incredibly inspirational and helps keep me motivated.. It's never too late.
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    This is a great thread...I am starting my prereqs. right now...at 38! I have my BSW and have worked as a probation officer, doula, ran my own business for years, home schooled a LD child a few years and now I am looking for a change of career...Ive been home for the last 11 years with my 3 kids. Studying has been a lot easier this time around because Ive had to experience so many tests, procedures and "experiences" with my family that so much is familiar!