goal MSN: LPN program then LPN - RN bridge VS. ADN program

  1. I'm in my mid 30's in planning to change careers to nursing. I have a master`s degree in Spanish. I'd like to get into the profession as soon as possible and eventually obtain an MSN. Other than my Psychgology undergraduate degree, I have no background in medicine and have not yet completed any courses that would count as prerequisites to a nursing program.

    Could someone please help me weigh the pros and cons for the following two scenarios?

    A: Do an LPN program, which I could complete in a year. Find employment as an LPN and then work on an LPN to BSN bridge program, with the eventual goal of working towards on MSN

    B: Do a longer program that would give me a an ADN , and then work towards my MSN after finding employment as an RN.

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  3. by   SuperRN_1
    I would do "B" only because some states don't hire LPNs anymore (except in nursing homes). In my state LPNs only work in nursing homes. The major healthcare organizations here only hire ADN-RNs (or higher degrees). And I was told that in the next few years, they will require a BSN.

    If you go with option "B" your chances of finding a job are higher and then you can work towards your MSN.
  4. by   blankfind
    Thanks Patience_1. I appreciate your insight.
  5. by   nekozuki
    For students with an existing bachelors degree, there are usually accelerated BSN programs that can be completed in 12-18 months. Because you have a previous masters degree, you may not even need to take the GRE before applying to an MSN program.