Funny/ Useful Memory Tips for Human Anatomy - page 3

Hey Everyone! Thought I'd create a thread on useful tricks to remember difficult aspects of human anatomy. What worked for you??... Read More

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    Great links, BFF. Thanks for sharing
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    This was my favorite for the cranial nerves. During exams I sang it to myself... And got an A in the class.
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    Quote from Blue Felt Fedora
    Here's one to remember if the cranial nerves are Sensory, Motor or Both:

    Some Say Marry Money But My Brother Says Big Boobs Matter More

    A good resource for medical mnemonics: | Browse | Browse by Category
    Kudos. Lol
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    For the valves of the heart, right titty left booby. Right side tricuspid and left bicuspid
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    There are a lot on pinterest too, if anyone has an account. I search nursing mnemonics & switch from searching pins to searching boards.

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