Frustrated- What Are My Options!?!?!?

  1. Well, I did not get accepted into Stratham. This is my second time applying. I have pretty good NLN scores, an incredible reference from Boston Childrens and I am in A&P II now. I am also an LNA in maternity.
    I do not now what to do next. I only have 2 pre-reqs left and then a entire year of waiting to apply again. I only applied to 1 school because I have a son with major medical issues and do not want to be too far in case of emergency. I am unsure of what my options are at this point.
    The BSN program at UNH seems as if it would not take many of my NHCTC credits and I would be starting over. I should have applied to manch. and concord. What other options are there? Are there any other Jan start programs? I am just unsure what to do in the meantime and how many times do I apply? I may be a glutton for punishment! I just do not want to spend the next year waiting to reapply if I may not even get in! I thought about taking a phlebotomy class. My husband says I should finish the liberal arts- but that is still may credits away.I just hate to get out of the school mode. Any suggestions? Are there any other options at this point?
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  3. by   justme1972
    I wouldn't worry about finishing the liberal arts degree...BA's don't have hardly any sciences, math, etc...and it leaves you taking a TON more courses in the end.

    It looks like you live in a heavily populated area. Something to ask yourself, if your son has major medical issues, and you have to be nearby, is nursing school at this time even a practical option? Obviously, you have to make that decision for yourself and your family. It's just something to think about.

    I would apply to as many schools as possible, let the chips fall where they may, and then work out the demographics later.

    I would also get one of the mods to move your thread to your state, you would probably get more responses there.