Forsyth Tech - ADN - Fall 2010

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    Hi everyone! Congratulations to those of you accepted for Fall 2010!!! I was wondering if there was anyone out there besides myself who had been accepted to Forsyth Technical Community College in Winston-Salem, NC for the Fall 2010 semester. If sooo, please reply.


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    Congrats! When did you get your letter? What was your rank? I'm hoping I at least made the alternates list but I guess i'll see!
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    I got my letter on March 17th. You should call and ask if you're tired of waiting. I don't know what my rank was but I had 159 points which was more than necessary I know.. How many points did you have? I think they accept those with 145 or more. Good luck and keep me updated!
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    Wow, that's pretty quick. I guess I will call. I know I would have heard something by now if I got in, I was just hoping i'd be an alternate. I had 143 points since I'm just now taking A&P :\ Thanks for replying!
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    Dixie, I was going to apply last semester but I lacked Anatomy. My advisor told me not to waste my time applying. She said Anatomy was important in showing that we could excel in this type of field. If you're having problems getting into Anatomy I would suggest you check out . I couldn't get into anatomy at Forsyth Tech so I took it online through NVCC. You do all your tests locally through a proctor. It is a thousand a two thousand all together for A & P I and II.. but it's worth it in my opinion. It is way too hard to get into anatomy. If you have 143 points without Anatomy you're doing great Keep up the good work..and get this Anatomy taken care of and you'll be in like Flynn. Let me know if you need anymore information about that class or if there's anything I can do.

    I was in the same boat youre in last semester...and this semester I was accepted. You are probably better off this way because Anatomy is a hard class. You probably wouldn't want to take it on top of nursing classes.

    Of course there's still the possibility that you got in...i'm just saying don't feel bad if you didn't. Good luck!!!!
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    Oh oops.. you said you're just now taking A & P as in you got in the class? If so, you'll definetly be in next semester...they just wanna see that grade.
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    I had 146 and did not get in the program.So I guess you needed more than that because I have not received an acceptance letter.
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    hi tmgordon,

    did you receive an alternate or rejection letter yet? i still haven't received anything!
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    I have not recieved anthing yet.I just know how many points I had and I haven't heard manypoints did you have ?
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    is a 70.6 good enough for the teas at forsyth? what about each section? anyone know?

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