Finishing Up Pre Reqs...FINALLY!

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    Who else is finishing up their last pre reqs for nursing this Fall? I am incredibly excited and lucky to have gotten into my last two pre reqs, Micro Bio and Physio, for Fall 2012. I'm also taking a Medical Terminology class as a pre req for EMT-B classes I want to take in Spring while waiting for acception/rejection to nursing schools. Where are all my Fall 2013 nursing school hopefuls?!? Does anyone else have nervous butterflies that we are getting SO CLOSE?!?!

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    YAY!!! I am finishing up my prereqs this fall as well. At least, I am for one program. I may be moving out of state (from TX and UMHB to KS and KU) and the program at KU requires one more semester of rereqs

    In the fall I am taking A&P II, Chem, Pub Speaking, and Dev. Psych. If I move, I will have to take THREE lab sciences in the fall EEEKKK!!! At my current school, I can take Micro and one other course with the first semester of nursing classes.

    Good luck to you!!
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    I am taking my last pre-req (Stats) this semester...and will be applying to schools this September. It shouldn't be too long now...
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    Congrats you two! I hope everything works out for you Jennie. One more semester really isn't too bad when you think about, it's taken me five so far and it's going to be at least one more just waiting to apply and hear back from nursing schools. Lol. You just gotta do what you gotta do! :spin:
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    I too am finishing up the last of my pre-reqs this fall. In Jan I will apply for the nursing program.
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    I'll be applying next spring, and hopefully starting the following summer semester. If not, I'll reapply and start in the fall. Right now I am taking A&P 1 and psych.

    This fall I am taking micro, statistics, American lit 1, a computer science class, and anthropology.

    In the spring I will take A&P 2, nutrition, American lit 2, and medical ethics.

    If I can somehow get my GPA up (my university is very competitive) hopefully I will be accepted!
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    Me! Me! I'm taking Intro to Micro and Human Dev in the fall and applying for my program in January. I'll still have to take a Humanities course in the spring, but it's not required prior to application. I'm so excited to finally be seeing that mid-point light in the tunnel ahead.
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    Yes, I am a Fall 2013 nursing school hopeful! I'm nervous! I still have a way to go in pre reqs!
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    Count me in! Pre-req's are done, however one co-req in the fall (A&P II)! Applying in August so super scared. Studying for TEAS as week speak.
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    I am taking my last 2 pre-req's this Fall. I only have micro and sociology to take and then will be applying to enter the LPN-RN accelerated program in February! I have taken a very complicated route to get here, including leaving the nursing program and completing an associate degree in paralegal studies! I am so ready to continue on my journey to become an RN. Good luck to all my fellow students!

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