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Who else is finishing up their last pre reqs for nursing this Fall? I am incredibly excited and lucky to have gotten into my last two pre reqs, Micro Bio and Physio, for Fall 2012. I'm also taking a... Read More

  1. by   Jennie.K
    Quote from devyn renee
    Congrats you two! I hope everything works out for you Jennie. One more semester really isn't too bad when you think about, it's taken me five so far and it's going to be at least one more :
    Yeah, my grad date will be the same so I am not to worried about it
  2. by   Ambbuur
    I'm finishing my last pre-reqs right now. I'm taking nutrition and art appreciation (elective). Summer classes are over July 30th, and I start my nursing program in September 2012! It's. so. close. Lol I'm super excited though!
  3. by   RN1801
    I finished taking my prereqs this past Spring and will be starting Nursing School this upcoming Fall! It has definetley been a crazy ride for me considering that I began my freshman year of college as a Law major and changed to Nursing the Summer going into my Sophmore year of college. I managed to catch up to all the other nursing major that started in the fall by taking chemistry in the Summer, 7 classes in the fall and 8 classes this past spring. I don't know how I did it but I did! Last spring alone I took Anatomy and Phy2 with lab as well as Micro and lab! I got straight A's in all of my prereqs for Nursing except for Micro lecture but oh goes on and I think it was all definetley worth the tears and agony. I was also lucky that I had amazing professors (except for my micro lecture, you could barely hear her talk and I sat in the front row!) I was able to graduate with highest honors and with almost 90 credits! Nevertheless, here I am now...a Junior going into Nursing school this Fall! I can't believe it! I am scared but feel prepared to take on the exciting challenge that is Nursing School! We can do it!
  4. by   leenak
    I have one class left (AP2) and was planning to apply for the January start date. Now with things so close, I'm doubting myself. So I will be taking a semester to think whether this is the right thing for me right now.
  5. by   devyn renee
    Leenak, may I ask what is making you doubt yourself all of a sudden? I am pretty prone to self doubt as well as overwhelming anxiety and bouts of depression, especially when I look to the future. I know all this usually stems from me over-thinking things and if I can keep myself from looking too far into things I can usually keep myself in a good state of mind. I don't know you personally but I'm sure if you've made it this far you can definitely handle nursing school and eventually being a nurse. In the end you really just have to do what feels right for you. I hope your semester off will help bring you some clarity and peace of mind with whatever you decide to do.
  6. by   Wifeoffireman
  7. by   leenak

    It has always been a 'big scary change' for me but since I'm a career changer, I am trying to weigh staying in my current career vs changing to nursing. My current career has actually picked up this past year and made me feel better about what I'm doing and I'm also looking at some family priorities. I'm considering moving to an area that is heavily impacted in terms of new nursing grads.

    I figure it is better to take 6 months to ponder my options before taking the huge scary leap.
  8. by   mattysmommy
    I am finishing up my prerequisites this fall, taking micro, a&p II, and 2 others, than have two more classes to take in winter and validating for nursing clinicals. I can't wait! Unfortunately my school has a two and a half year waiting list but it will give me a little break before starting clinicals.
  9. by   Busybee77
    I am also finishing my pre's this fall! I have Micro and Deveopmental Psycology. I have been taking A n P 1 and 2 over the summer, 6 weeks each class. That has been crazy! I feel like I have been going forever, getting all of my classes done. Great Job everyone! I keep saying just two more classes then I'm done, just to really start. Thats the life of a student i guess. I am nervous becuase I will have not choice other than to work full time as a CNA while going to RN school. I can not afford to go part time. It wil be hard but I know that I can do it!!

    Good LUCK!!