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Who else is finishing up their last pre reqs for nursing this Fall? I am incredibly excited and lucky to have gotten into my last two pre reqs, Micro Bio and Physio, for Fall 2012. I'm also taking a Medical Terminology class as a... Read More

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    I am finishing up my prerequisites this fall, taking micro, a&p II, and 2 others, than have two more classes to take in winter and validating for nursing clinicals. I can't wait! Unfortunately my school has a two and a half year waiting list but it will give me a little break before starting clinicals.

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    I am also finishing my pre's this fall! I have Micro and Deveopmental Psycology. I have been taking A n P 1 and 2 over the summer, 6 weeks each class. That has been crazy! I feel like I have been going forever, getting all of my classes done. Great Job everyone! I keep saying just two more classes then I'm done, just to really start. Thats the life of a student i guess. I am nervous becuase I will have not choice other than to work full time as a CNA while going to RN school. I can not afford to go part time. It wil be hard but I know that I can do it!!

    Good LUCK!!

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