Finished CNA clinicals today! Finished CNA clinicals today! | allnurses

Finished CNA clinicals today!

  1. 2 Wooo, what a week! I finished up clinicals today and will receive my certification on Tuesday! I also found out my grant for LPN program was approved today! I start Med Terminology on the 11th and school officially starts on July 25th! Woohoo!!!
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    That is awesome news!!! I will be going the CNA way as well starting Sept 10 while I am doing my pre-reqs
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    Congrats. Best Wishes.
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    congrats. you are going to love Med term. I honestly think this should be part of the pre-reqs... it's going to help you tons.
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    Is it not normally? It's a Prerequisite for my school. I take it and CPR next week then a week off and I start July 25th!
    I am supposed to take the NET on Friday but I may wait until the following Friday to give me some extra study time.
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    it's not a pre-req in mine ... it should be though