Finish AA or do it in conjunction with RN program?

  1. I'm 43 years old in college for the first time. I will be going for my BSN. I have a full time job and am taking on 13 credit hours this semester. I can finish my nursing program prereqs by Summer 2014 and apply to the RN program and finish my AA requirements in conjunction with the program if I choose, but I'm not sure that is the wisest choice. From what I'm reading on here, the program itself is very vigorous and I may be better off finishing all my AA courses and then applying for the RN program. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   MrsStudentNurse
    First, congrats on starting your journey! I'm still a pre nursing student myself.

    To clarify do you mean the elective classes to achieve your AAS or are you going AA then transferring to university for BSN? I'd say go for RN as soon as you can and just taking the elective courses online, in summer, etc. those classes are usually pretty easy so if you can do them during off time, it shouldn't be too bad!

    Best of luck!