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fastest route to rn

  1. 0 I am a certified CNA and ER patient Tech.
    I was wondering the fastest route to an RN - LPN first then bridge, start to RN program.
    I already have a bachelors degree in Spanish.
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    There is no fast route to RN...

    Search for fast route to RN on AN, and you will find many threads supporting this fact.

    You have a Bachelors in Spanish. Research your area nursing schools to see if you have enough pre-req's to fulfill the humanities and arts requirements, find out the sciences required, and start choosing programs that will fit your schedule. If you want to be a RN, GO for the RN. There may be accelerated RN programs, traditional part time RN programs, etc. Do your research, find sources to help pay for your coursework, and go from there. Best wishes.
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