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  1. I've applied for the Fall 2017 ADN program at LFCC, and just got an email today letting me know that my application packet is complete! Yay for nothing missing!!! Now, the 1-2 month wait to find out whether I'm accepted or not! How am I passing the time? It helps that I have a husband and two boys, I'm taking BIO142 (condensed 8-week class), and I work part-time also. I'm trying not to think about it too much, but it's SO HARD! Anyone else out there waiting!?! I'm hopeful, but I've heard it's pretty competitive, so one just never can tell! I don't want to tire out my friends and family, so I thought I'd share my thoughts and struggle in a place where perhaps some others could relate.

    I have to share - the fact that I was even able to apply for this Fall is 150% a God-thing. It looked completely impossible, based on what needed to be done before March 31st. But, He connected me with someone who gave me some amazing advice, and basically laid out a plan that would make it happen. It was an intense plan, and I wasn't sure I could pull it off...BUT GOD! I'm thankful that He didn't ask if I was "ABLE"...He asked if I was "WILLING"...and here I am, a few months later, waiting on a letter! It's still mind-blowing! Surreal!

    Anyway, anyone else out there waiting? Or, anyone out there know much about LFCC's nursing program? If you're in (or have been in) their nursing programs, when did you get your letter!? And what can us hopefuls do to get ready, or be best prepared? What can we expect if we get accepted, as far as orientation, and the months leading up to the start date!? What was your class load like, when did you start clinicals? What are your MUST-HAVE supplies? What's your favorite planner? Anything you can share, we'd love to know!
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  3. by   jfoltz87
    I am in the same boat as you. Turned my application in today and got the email that everything was there so now we wait lol. Hopefully we hear something soon...I've been.impatiently waiting for what seems like forever! I'm hoping to get in at Middletown.