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  1. I've applied for the Fall 2017 ADN program at LFCC, and just got an email today letting me know that my application packet is complete! Yay for nothing missing!!! Now, the 1-2 month wait to find out whether I'm accepted or not! How am I passing the time? It helps that I have a husband and two boys, I'm taking BIO142 (condensed 8-week class), and I work part-time also. I'm trying not to think about it too much, but it's SO HARD! Anyone else out there waiting!?! I'm hopeful, but I've heard it's pretty competitive, so one just never can tell! I don't want to tire out my friends and family, so I thought I'd share my thoughts and struggle in a place where perhaps some others could relate.

    I have to share - the fact that I was even able to apply for this Fall is 150% a God-thing. It looked completely impossible, based on what needed to be done before March 31st. But, He connected me with someone who gave me some amazing advice, and basically laid out a plan that would make it happen. It was an intense plan, and I wasn't sure I could pull it off...BUT GOD! I'm thankful that He didn't ask if I was "ABLE"...He asked if I was "WILLING"...and here I am, a few months later, waiting on a letter! It's still mind-blowing! Surreal!

    Anyway, anyone else out there waiting? Or, anyone out there know much about LFCC's nursing program? If you're in (or have been in) their nursing programs, when did you get your letter!? And what can us hopefuls do to get ready, or be best prepared? What can we expect if we get accepted, as far as orientation, and the months leading up to the start date!? What was your class load like, when did you start clinicals? What are your MUST-HAVE supplies? What's your favorite planner? Anything you can share, we'd love to know!
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  3. by   jfoltz87
    I am in the same boat as you. Turned my application in today and got the email that everything was there so now we wait lol. Hopefully we hear something soon...I've been.impatiently waiting for what seems like forever! I'm hoping to get in at Middletown.
  4. by   VaCNA2RN
    Hi! I am about to graduate from lfcc! I got my acceptance letter around the end of April. You'll have an orientation and you'll have a packet to get filled out before school starts (physical and shots mainly that I remember). You'll need a cpr certification as well. Also, every semester you have to pay about $150 for their online testing material that financial aid doesn't cover, so just be prepared for that! We started clinicals at the end of the first semester but I think they did it different for those who started last semester. Start reviewing fundamentals and practicing nclex questions! Fauquier is a little harder to get into because they only accept about half as many people as Middletown. Good luck!!!!!
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  5. by   tarabean19
    jfoltz - Thanks for your reply!! It does feel like forever, haha! Waiting is hard! In some regards, time feels like it's moving so slowly...but then I realize we're already at the end of March, a quarter of the way through the new year already! When I look at it that way, it feels like time is racing by!! Anyway, here's hoping for your "Congratulations" letter for Middletown!
  6. by   tarabean19

    That's AWESOME!!! Congratulations! That's so exciting!! I'd love to hear about your experience! Your favorite parts, most challenging parts, your "must have" items, your study routine...whatever!

    Do you know if students are eligible to take the NCLEX-PN after the first year of the ADN program? Where did you all do your clinicals? Do you have a favorite clinical rotation so far??

    I've heard that nursing student selection is very competitive. I feel that I'm a pretty strong candidate, but I have no idea where I stand among the list of other applicants, of course! So, just waiting for that letter! It's a tough wait! And my advisor told me the same thing about Fauquier...only 20 seats available. That definitely makes it tougher, and of course makes me question more whether I'll make the cut. I didn't check the box for Middletown. Time is precious, and I know that even without that hour long drive, nursing school will take up a LOT of time, and will take me away from my kids and family for far long enough already...I just couldn't see adding in a two hour commute for school days on top of the already rigorous schedule in expecting to have. So, I'm praying and believing that if now is the time for me to start this journey, I'll make the cut at Fauquier!

    Here's hoping!!
  7. by   VaCNA2RN
    You are not eligible for the nclex pn, they used to let you take your CNA test after a year but they don't do that anymore either! One good thing is that they are hopefully getting accredidated though! We started our clinicals at Lynn care, then went to wmc (oncology, GI, 3 east, neuro, 4th surg, mother baby, peds, observation, psych), we've been to greenfield in strasburg, wmh in front royal (med surg) and then you go to places like wound care, the cdrc, and a dr office for a day. I would say my favorite would have to be oncology. Mrs. K is absolutely amazing (they all are really). None of them were bad, the LTC's are a little slow paced.

    I dont think its as as competitive as it used to be. I got a 87% on my entrance Hesi and my GPA was probably around a 3.7. I almost failed my first semester. I went from working full time in the first semester, to part time second semester, per diem third semester and now not at all. I also have kids. It's definitely challenging. The hard part is just having to learn so much in so little time. It's so interesting but you don't really have time to really dig into it. YouTube helps a lot. The tests are also very different from other classes tests. So definitely look into doing some nclex questions because we were not warned lol.

    I always read the book, highlight important parts then write the parts I highlited down and that's what I study from. A lot of test questions come from the little boxes in the book. YouTube anything you don't understand and google any words you don't know as often as you see them to make them stick. Practice conversions because you will have a test the first day of every semester starting the second semester. Just take it day by day! First semester was hard just because I didn't know how to answer the questions. The second and third semester were the hardest, with third being the hardest just because of the course work load. Lots of busy work.

    Good luck! I'm sure you will get in
  8. by   tarabean19
    So, are you attending Fauquier or Middletown? I assume the clinical rotation sites are different depending on which campus you're at, right? That's so cool to have the chance to try hands on at so many different types/areas of nursing! I actually work in LTC, and I plan to continue doing so, unless I feel a strong call elsewhere! I love working with the elderly. Always have loved it!

    It definitely sounds like a lot to juggle, having kids and working. I'll be working part time hours, and will make adjustments along the way as I need to. I am praying hard for strong time management, so that I can balance family, school, and work. How old are your kids? Mine are 10 and 5.

    And yeah I know what you mean, I am kind of experiencing that fast-paced issue in my BIO 142 class. It's very interesting material, but it's hard to really get a deep understanding when it moves so quickly!! YouTube has helped SO much when I don't understand something!!! If I get accepted, maybe I'll go ahead and get an NCLEX prep book up front!

    Thanks for sharing your experience, tips, and advice!!! Keep up the good hard work, and OWN that last semester!!! You got this!

    The last day for applications is tomorrow, so I'm hoping to hear something by the end of April. It's tough waiting, but I know it'll go by fast. My A&P class will keep me busy, haha!! :-P
  9. by   Belbibynn
    Do you just buy your textbooks each semester or is it one large purchase before the first semester? I'm waiting to hear from NOVA and LFCC and want to make sure my savings is prepared for either school. Thanks!!
  10. by   Belbibynn
    Hey! I'm also waiting to hear from LFCC for this fall! I completely agree with your application being a total God-thing. It seemed like every little thing that could prevent my application from being completed on time happened. Thankfully it all worked out and now I'm just waiting to hear whether or not I was accepted. I'm in the 16 week Bio 142 and with that and work its helping the waiting process, but not all that much haha.
    Good Luck!!
  11. by   tarabean19
    I'm not really sure, actually! I think it'd by by semester, since the classes are different. But, there could be an option to get them all at once! And I think some of the books are used for more than one class. What area do you live in? And which school is your preference!? I only applied to LFCC, just because it's closest to where I live. I considered applying to NOVA's hybrid program, since some of that program can be done online, but I decided to just apply for LFCC. Just a few more weeks until we should be getting letters!!! The wait is HARD! Yet, there is a lot to keep me busy...but, it still creeps up on me. Haha! I'm glad to hear everything worked out, and that you were able to apply! I kind of wish I was in the 16 week BIO 142...the 8 week crams so much into such a short time. Unfortunately, I had to do the back to back 8 week sessions, to get the requirements met on time. But, the good thing is that it goes quick, haha!
  12. by   Belbibynn
    Still getting used to posting comments on here...
    I live in stafford so I'm hoping for Fauquier but I wouldn't mind Middletown either since I commute the same amount of time for work. I'd prefer LFCC since it is a smaller program than NOVA and the pass rates are higher. I cannot imagine doing 8 week A&P's, even the 16 week with work has been kicking my butt! I think it was through NOVA that I heard you buy all the textbooks at once around orientation time, but I'm not too sure. Thankfully, not too much longer and we should have our answers
  13. by   jfoltz87
    I feel like I'm stalking my mail lady this wait is killing me! I know last year, the letters were sent out April 21 so hopefully it'll be any day now
  14. by   tarabean19
    Yeah, A&P is definitely challenging!!! I'm in the final stretch! Two more units to complete, and I'm DONE!!! At least it's giving me some distraction while I wait to get that mail!! Haha!