Fall 2017 Hopefuls - LFCC Fauquier - page 2

I've applied for the Fall 2017 ADN program at LFCC, and just got an email today letting me know that my application packet is complete! Yay for nothing missing!!! Now, the 1-2 month wait to find out... Read More

  1. by   tarabean19
    Hahaha!!! I haven't started stalking the mail guy yet...figured maybe in the next week hopefully it would come...and then I saw online where it said due to the high volume of applications, they're asking everyone to please be patient. :-/ Blech. That's like a double whammy! It highlights the competitiveness of the process, and it implies a slightly longer wait than I hoped for. But, it's a good exercise in patience, I suppose. Waiting is tough! But, just trying to go about life, making the most of the days, and trusting that all will be as it should be, at just the right time. Worrying over it won't really help anything...it'll just make the wait harder. So! Off to study the digestive system now! Hahahahaha!!! Any day now! Just keep swimming!
  2. by   jfoltz87
    Someone in my micro class asked about the letters and she said they were getting ready to go out at this moment!
  3. by   tarabean19
    Cool! So if they're mailed out today (Wednesday), maybe we'll have them by the end of the week! :-) I guess I won't stalk my mailman today, hahaha!
  4. by   jfoltz87
    I sure hope so!
  5. by   jfoltz87
    Be on the lookout...I got my letter today! I'm in at Middletown!!
  6. by   tarabean19
    Congratulations!!! I got mine, too, and I'll be at Fauquier!! Enjoy this summer before "grind time"!!!!
  7. by   jfoltz87
    Yay!! Congratulations!!
  8. by   Belbibynn
    Congratulations you guys! I also got in to Fauquier
  9. by   jfoltz87