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Anyone out there taking Pharmacology this semester? Want to start a support group? I ended up having to take Pharm online because the only time slots offered conflicted with my Physiology &... Read More

  1. by   gelibean
    So I just took my second exam yesterday over CNS, cardiovascular/renal and ear, eye, and skin.
    Didn't do as well as the first test but passed. Phew!! I'm still in the running to get an A in the class though !

    But after our exam, half of our class disappeared. Apparently a lot of people received failing grades. And yesterday was the cut off date to drop out of the class, so I'm sure that was the main reason; I even checked online to see how many students were still enrolled in the class and it seems like 37 are still enrolled out of the 51 that were originally enrolled.

    So we have our math exam on November 30th and I feel prepared but very nervous. So nervous that I feel like ill make mistakes from being anxious.
  2. by   RN2Be77
    Quote from SopranoKris
    Yes! I love color-coding my planner, too It just makes it so much more easy to see at a glance what I need to do.I've gotten a jump-start on our Pharm work. Nothing is due for the first 2 weeks, so I jumped ahead with the reading and math problems. That way, when my other courses have assignments, I won't be so over-loaded with too much work.Man, I can't believe how easy it is to make a mistake on "simple" math. We have a requirement that we must pass the 3rd math test with a 90% or better or you receive a failing grade for the ENTIRE course...yikes! I took the pre-test and you could only miss 2 questions out of 50. I missed 3 and when I did the review, I realized each one had a "dumb" math error (e.g. forgot to carry a 1, or transposed a number...ugh!) I think the key to the math portion will be taking my time and going SLOW to answer the questions. All my errors occur when I rush.I'm very happy to know we're allowed to use a calculator on all of our tests. I'd hate to have to figure out "what is 1/4% of 65?" in my head!
    How is your class coming along? Can you post some more math problems you came across? I just want to start familiarizing myself. Thanks!
  3. by   SopranoKris
    Yay!!!! Great job on your test, gelibean Doesn't it feel like Pharmacology is a "weeding out" course? I have seen our class dwindle in size from when we started. We had 75 students in our online session. We're now down to 35. While it's sad to see so many people dropping like flies, it's also encouraging that we're getting through it.

    We just started Unit IV this week. We have 5 units total. It's strange to think it's almost over (hallelujah!). This week is the REAL med math dosaging test. If I pass this one with a 90% or better, I don't have to take any more med math for the semester. I sure hope I get it done right the first time (fingers crossed). I have until Thursday to take the test. I might do it tomorrow after I work on some more practice problems.

    I have been going to the Pharmacology supplemental instruction sessions every Tuesday and it's been a godsend. Ben, our SI, breaks everything down into easy ways to memorize for the exams. If I didn't have those sessions, I think I'd be crying right about now...LOL I've still got an A going. Barely an A, but it's still an A all the same.

    When is the last day of your semester? Our school is officially done on Dec. 17th, but my Pharm class is done on the 14th.

    We're in the home stretch!!!
  4. by   gelibean
    I know they said that Pharmacology would really weed out candidates but I really didn't think it was going to be a major weed out! It is insane! But yes I am glad that I am still in the running to hopefully be in the nursing program!

    I am glad that you are on your last unit!! Woo Hoo!! We are almost there!! We have 12 units for our class and we are going over unit 9. This last test will cover Body defenses, infectious disease, endocrine and neoplastic. Almost there!

    Wish yo luck on your real math exam!! I know you can do it! It seems like you have really dedicated your time to working on the math so there should be no reason why you won't pass!! My math exam is November 30th! So I still have a little time to go over the material... it is still nerve-wrecking!

    I believe the semester ends on December 14... but my class ends on the 14th because that is the date for our last exam!

    Have you heard any updates about getting into the program, SopranoKris?
  5. by   SopranoKris
    Happy Dance....Happy Dance....Happy Dance....I passed the Drug Dosage Calculation math test with 100%...I'm DONE with Pharm math! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No updates about getting into the program. We can't apply for Fall 2013 until after January (with a March 1st deadline). They won't notify us until the end of April, so it's just going to be a huge waiting game. If I get accepted, I'll work on BSN courses while waiting to start. If I don't get in, I'm going to apply at Michigan State University's BSN program, since they take applications twice per year. If I don't end up getting into either program, I will just go straight for my Clinical Laboratory Science bachelor's and concentrate on getting into PA school. I'm doing my phlebotomy externship Jan. - Mar. and I've already had 2 job offers to work as a phlebotomist/lab tech. I found out I can count phlebotomy as patient care experience hours for PA school, so at least I'll have enough PCE hours to apply. (Minimum is 500 PCE, but average accepted student has over 2,500).

    I looked at the curriculum for PA school and I'll have to take 2 semesters of Pharmacology (and they are both med school classes)!!! Just when I thought I was done with Pharm...aarrgghh! Oh well, by then I'll be done with Biochemistry and it will probably be a lot easier to understand than it is now

    I think you're going to do GREAT on your math test. All you have to do is take your time and read the question thoroughly. Once you understand what it's asking for (gtts/min, mL/h, mcg/kg/min, etc.) then you know how to set up your equation. I noticed we had 3 trick questions where it gave us all sorts of information but all it asked for at the end was "how many mg do you administer?" which was the first item stated in the scenario. Sneaky!

    If you're doing well on your practice tests in your manual, then you're going to ace your exam...I just know it!!!
  6. by   gelibean
    Yipee Yipee Yipee!!!! Go SopranoKris!! You are throwing it out of the ballpark :P

    I really hope you enter the program as soon as you can!! I feel like you are definitely going towards your goals faster than what you realize! I like how you are not wasting anytime to get things done for your future! In other words, you have a lot of dedication, which is necessary for the health care industry!!

    Do what you have to do to get it done! Yes it may be a drag to do two more semesters of Pharmacology but I am sure you will get it done with flying colors lol.

    I feel good about the math but I am just nervous to make those dumb mistakes from the sneaky questions... I will try to go slow but not too slow to answer the questions. The exam is only 30 questions and I believe we have an hour to get it done! I'll be ready!

    But on the good side!!!! My school has accepted to join their nursing program but I have to pass the pharm course and the math dosage exam, of course! I have two mandatory orientation dates.. if I don't attend then they will give my seat to someone else. So I am DEFINITELY attending those meetings!! Yipee!!!!!!
  7. by   nguyency77
    Good for you, SopranoKris! And to think you were saying Pharm was the bane of your existence!
  8. by   SopranoKris
    YAY!!!!!!! Gelibean, I'm SO proud of you...you did it!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!

    I know you're going to pass pharm & med math, no problem! How awesome does it feel to know that you're this/close to starting the program? I am just THRILLED for you!!!!

    Thank you, nguyency77, for your encouragement. Pharm is still the bane of my existence (so much intensive reading & studying), but we're almost done....yipee!
  9. by   gelibean
    Thank you SopranoKris!!! I am trying to not get ahead of myself until I am done with this course. I am just pushing it to the side so my excitement doesn't get me distracted. I am so close but still need to push a little more! Phew!

    But we have to do what we have to do, in order to get what we want!
  10. by   SopranoKris
    Can you believe after all this stress about getting an A in Pharm and it ends up that I've pretty much got an A settled in that class (as long as I do well on the last 2 exams). However, the class that is going to ruin my 4.0 GPA is Human Growth & Development (PSYCH 205)...aarrgghh!!! I have one of those "no one gets an A" professors in that class. He words his test questions so ambiguously that you never know WHAT he's asking. I studied my butt off for today's test. I even started a study group and we've been meeting weekly to go over the study guide and practice tests. I ended up getting an even WORSE grade than the last 2 tests!!!

    Borrowing a term from psych, I feel like it's beyond my personal control to get an A in this class. Unless I can ace the final and he gives me a high A on my research paper, I'm stuck with a B. I know I should be happy with a B, but it's the principle of the thing. I KNOW this material well. There's no reason whatsoever that I shouldn't have an A in this class. It's so frustrating!!!!

    But at least I now like Pharm more...go figure
  11. by   gelibean
    That's freaking awesome!! It must feel great knowing you have this A as long as you continue what you are doing!! I am borderline A/B
    Don't like that I'm closer to a B though than an A. This class is so much work and its ridiculous at times but glad that its almost over. Phew!

    I took a practice test for the math and I rocked that test!! I feel so good for the exam!! Bring it on!! In two weeks I have my math exam and in 3 weeks the first orientation! Time has flew by!

    Don't get discouraged with your other class. I know the frustration you're going through but sometimes, those teachers end up tweaking the grades a bit where it'll make your grade a letter higher. Keep on driving!
  12. by   SopranoKris
    Wow...3 weeks until your NURSING SCHOOL orientation!!! How awesome is that?

    I won't know until April whether I'm in for Fall 2013 or Spring 2014. I hate waiting!!! But, it'll be here before you know it, right?

    You are gonna ROCK your math test!!!!!
  13. by   SopranoKris
    Hallelujah! I ended up getting my highest score ever on today's Pharmacology exam...yay!!! Only the final left to take in a few weeks. I am SO happy this semester is almost over. I feel like I "survived" Pharmacology