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Anyone out there taking Pharmacology this semester? Want to start a support group? I ended up having to take Pharm online because the only time slots offered conflicted with my Physiology &... Read More

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    SopranoKris!! I think your class is a lot more crazy than mine!! We have to keep up with the reading and homework and then take a test every month, but you have more things every week!! It hurts my head thinking about all the stuff you have going on constantly!

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    Because Pharmacology is considered a Nursing class, they run it just like they do any nursing course you take in the program. In fact, Pharmacology is only a recommended co-req for the program. I couldn't imagine having to take this course AND another nursing class at the same time No wonder they give you bonus points for completing all the co-reqs before applying!!! I doing all the co-reqs so if I get accepted, I only have nursing courses to complete for the ADN. Lots of work upfront, but it'll pay off later.

    And my Pharm prof is one of the nursing instructors, so it's a good way to get a feel for the program.

    One day at a time, eh?
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    So you are suppose to be taking Pharmacology DURING the program? And you are actually taking it before you start because they recommend you to do it before the program starts?

    At the school I am going to they want us to take it prior to entering the nursing program... you must pass the class and math/dosage exam to be eligible to enter the program. But you have to also be selected by the school to even take the pharmacology class. You cannot enter the program if you haven't taken the pharmacology class.

    In other schools, you end up taking pharmacology during the nursing program.
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    It's not "required" that we complete it before we apply. In fact, we don't have to take Micro, Pharm, Physiology or Human Growth & Development before we apply. However, if we DO complete these classes, we get 46 bonus points on our application towards admission. For someone like me who does not have a patient care job (you gets points for direct patient care experience) or lots of volunteer hours, I need all the points I can get! Last year's cut off was 141 points. With my district residency, GPA, bonus points for co-reqs completed and volunteer hours, I will have 152 points. I should have enough to get in (fingers crossed)!

    I couldn't imagine trying to take Pharmacology on top of taking the other nursing courses at the same time. WAAAAAYYYYY too much reading & homework!!!
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    Oh that is awesome!! I am glad that those classes can count points towards your admission! Pharmacology is starting to kick my butt with all the reading!

    I even had a dream last night that I took my first exam and ended up with an 18!! I failed with an 18!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!! It was horrible!!
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    OMG...I hate those kind of stress dreams!! Don't worry, you've been studying, you're prepared. Just tell yourself that you KNOW this

    Had to take the first of our pass/fail pharm math tests yesterday. My laptop froze up in the middle of the exam! Luckily, I was able to get the Help Desk to prove that it was a technical failure and they allowed the exam to be re-set and I was able to complete it start to finish. We have to get a 90% or better on the math to pass, otherwise, it's a fail. Got a 96% (missed 1 question)...whew! I was stressing so much about that first one.

    I'm sick of looking at my Pharm book because there's so much reading!!!!
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    Good news! Our professor discovered that there was a system glitch with the way the system graded our Unit I exam. After she manually reviewed our tests, I ended up with an A instead of a B...woo hoo!!! I'm so relieved

    Unit II is definitely easier to absorb than Unit I. How did your exam go?
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    Oh that's good!! Woo hoo!! I've been so busy keeping up with all the reading!! Bad thing is that I just realized that we were suppose to be doing some online quizzes after reading each chapter. Ugh!! At least I have two weeks to do the 30 some quizzes I need to do >.<

    I'm still freaking out on how to study for the test!! Aaaaaahhh!!
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    OMG...30 quizzes???

    Yeah, the reading is what kills me. It's just so time consuming!!! Plus, trying to memorize all the different drugs (NSAIDs, insulin, antibiotics, glucocorticoids & antivirals so far), just blows my brain apart. I've been making flashcards for each drug and writing down the Mechanism of Action, Therapeutic Use, Contraindications/Cautions, Side Effects & Nursing Implications for each one. That has helped. However, it's still just a LOT to memorize.

    We have a reading quiz every week. I feel like once I read & take the quiz, I've forgotten everything! Our test is next week. I did the ungraded practice test and got 100%. Then I took the graded practice test and missed a question!!! Ugh! I was going too fast and didn't read the question properly. It said "which one is not a therapeutic use of Zovirax?" I missed the operative word , "NOT", in the sentence and got that one wrong. I hate quizzes with less than twenty questions. You miss one and you've got a B!

    We're on word problems now for the math portion. Talk about tedious!!! I'm finally understanding how you set up the problems, but it takes half a page just to work through the answer. The first test was over 6 chapters and I knocked that out in a day. This next math test is over 8 chapters and I'm only done with 2 of them because it's taking so long to work through the problems
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    Had our Unit II Exam today. I got an A....barely (91%). This class is killing me. I usually get good grades pretty easy. None of this subject is intuitive and it's difficult to memorize. I'm spending the majority of my study time on this one class. I will be so thankful when this semester is over (9 more weeks and counting!!!)

    We have our 2nd pass/fail math test next week. When I first started this math unit, it was very daunting. Now that I've worked through quite a few of the problems, I have a better grasp on how to set up the equation. Even though it's tedious, I write it out step-by-step until I have my answer. I feel better about this test than the last one, since it's more practical than theoretical.

    How's your class going, gelibean?

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