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Anyone out there taking Pharmacology this semester? Want to start a support group? I ended up having to take Pharm online because the only time slots offered conflicted with my Physiology & Microbiology courses. I've never... Read More

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    Well I still have two more days until I start my class. I looked up my teacher that I will be with this semester and I am really nervous. She does not have the greatest reviews and all the other classes are full so pretty much I have to look on the bright side of it... that at least I am able to take the class!!

    I was looking at some previous syllabus for the Pharm class (previous semesters) and they appear to be around 36 pages. So I should be expecting somewhere around the same.

    I still need to buy one more book today!
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    We've got 11 chapters to cover before Tuesday! I'm up to Chapter 6. Looks like my long weekend will be spent on Pharmacology. This is going to be a very time consuming class.

    The good news is that it is an actual Nursing class (NURS 200), so there are 3 Nursing instructors who teach it. It allows us to get to know them and they get to know us before applying. They run the class exactly like they do all their Nursing classes, so we have a taste of how intensive our classes are going to be in Nursing school. Now I know why they say they don't want you working more than 20 hours per week while attending Nursing school!

    Let me know how you like your class. Good luck
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    I'm about to start my first semester of Nursing school on Tuesday, and even though I'm not technically a pre-nursing student anymore, I will be taking Pharmacology. I actually have to take a Pharm class all 4 semesters. My Pharm class this semester won't start until the beginning of October because September will be spent taking Medication Calculations and doing clinical skills labs to learn all the basic clinical skills before starting our first real hospital clinical in October. My book is also huge and super intimidating. I'm hoping it'll go well, but can't really think about it too much yet. I'll try to check in here throughout the month to see how everyone is doing. Good luck!!!
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    Hi Jocy_Anne, welcome! Our Pharm class has Dosage Calculations & Medical Math combined with the regular Pharm curriculum. We're expected to work on the math on our own. The tests are pass/fail, but you can't score lower than a 90% on Med Math or your fail the entire course...yikes! Luckily, we get 3 attempts to take the Med Math exam....whew! We were told that we'll be using the books for this course throughout the 4 semesters of the nursing program as well. Guess that's why the book is so huge!

    Good luck with your first semester of nursing school!!!! I hope to be following in your footsteps next fall
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    First day of Pharmacology and I felt so confident in the beginning... then at the end I knew it was going to take a lot more than I had already hesitated. lol

    Syllabus is 32 pages long but that doesn't scare me. All the chapters that I have to read and practice problems I have to do is what has me shaking in my boots :P

    But it's on like donkey kong!!
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    We had our first quiz this week. 11 chapters and all she asked was 10 questions!!! I hate that! You miss one question and you have a B...ugh! I ended up missing one Trick question though...I forgot that it takes 4 half-lives for a drug to leave the body. The question was: You give a patient 10mg of a medication at 8 AM and it has a half-life of 6 hours. How much will be left in his system by 8 PM?

    DUH...I should have answered 2.5mg, but dummy me....I put zero, forgetting the 4 half-life rule. AARRGGHH!!! I tell you what...I will never forget that rule from now on

    We have our first practice test on Monday....let's hope this one goes better. I'm a stickler for grades and I hate making less than an A on anything.
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    Oh Wowza!! I don't like it when teachers do that, where they tell us to read so much and only ten questions. >.<

    Our first assignment was to read 13 chapters from one book and about 15 from our other book!! That's a lot of reading plus the hw we were assigned. Sheesh but no tests or quizzes until the beginning of oct. :/
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    OMG!!! That's a LOT of reading, gelibean!!!! We have a weekly reading quiz, plus 2 practice tests before we take the actual test. The quizzes & practice tests only account for 2% of our grade. 90% of our grade is based on the test scores. (The rest is from our online discussion board questions & group questions)

    At least this week's reading assignment is only 2 chapters
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    Took my Reading Quiz and got 100% this time. Our prof gives us a chance to take an ungraded practice test, then we take the practice test for a grade. I was surprised. It was only 15 questions and it was the SAME, EXACT questions & answers as the ungraded practice test. It even shows you which ones you got wrong on the ungraded test and gives you the answers. There's no excuse not to have 100% on the practice tests. Of course, they only count for 2.5% of our grade, so it's not much, but still...it's nice to have a buffer

    We have our Unit I Exam on Tuesday. 50 questions. I have to take it in a proctored assessment center since I'm taking this online. Nervous only because I don't know what her exams are like. If it's anything like the practice test, I feel good.

    The reading is just consuming so much time!!! I've noticed that the reading schedule is very lop-sided. There are 2 weeks for each unit. Week 1's reading assignment is anywhere from 10 to 12 chapters (). You take a reading quiz and then move on to Week 2. Week 2's reading assignment is only 1 or 2 chapters. So...everytime we have a Week 1 assignment, it's major study time. I can see why she arranged it that way because Week 2 not only has a reading quiz, there's also an ungraded practice test, practice test and Unit Exam in the same week. It's just hard to keep up with reading SO MUCH material in one week, on top of all the other classes!!!

    How's your class going, gelibean?
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    Wow good job SopranoKris! It may not count as much but it does help a little bit!! We only have quizzes to do before and after the test, and the actual exams as part of our grade.

    This week, she only gave us 5 chapters to read.. phew!! That means I can catch up on the chapters I didn't get to last week :P

    Either way, it looks like we are so far surviving!! Go us!! We can push through it!!
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