Entrance Exam done, Applying next month!

  1. Well, I took the TEAS today and managed an 86.0% Individual score. I was told by nurse friends that a good score is 80% and not many achieve that so I'm happy with that.

    Our application opening is December 3rd-February 1st to start next fall. The wait time is due to our school revamping the program in order to offer a BSN at our campus.

    My GPA for the classes they base applications on should be a 4.0 if I can keep my current grade in this sociology class at an A. So I hope that means my chance of making into the small group of just 16 for the first semester of the new program pretty good!

    So excited to apply and hope to start next fall!!
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  3. by   16mm
    Wow only 16 spots! Thats crazy! Good luck!!!
  4. by   MissyBee4983
    It's a rural community college but yes, small group for sure!! Normally they had been accepting 26 per semester, so it's cut by 10 for the first few semesters of this new curriculum.