Down in the Dumps.

  1. I was accepted to a university in PA as a pre-nursing major. I haven't even started yet and I already feel miserable and am looking at Plan B majors. I'm not good at math and the pre-reqs are statistics and chemistry+lab. I've had an IEP in math since I was in the 6th grade. I feel like math will hold me back from a lot in life, including nursing. I hate myself because I don't believe I will ever be good at math and the fact that I will probably spend all this time doing nursing pre-reqs just to fail chemistry and statistics is making me feel awful.
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  3. by   melc0305
    First of all, you got accepted! You should congratulate yourself for that. Math is not my strong suit either. The best thing you can do for yourself is to line up a tutor if a subject is causing you problems. Most colleges offer that assistance, sometimes at no cost. Don't count yourself out before you even try!. Think of alternate ways to learn...internet modules, library books, tutors, extra meeting time with the prof. There are things to try. Don't give up when you haven't even started.
  4. by   mzrainydayz
    You need to have confidence in yourself. I always told myself I CAN"T do math. That held me back from applying to the RN program(the LPN program doesn't require math). Anyway I barely passed pre-algebra, then I realized I needed to get serious. Long story short I passed inetermediate algebra and college algebra both with A's. Get tutoring weekly, do all your homework,take lecture notes. It's your future no one is going to push you. You have to have a drive deep down inside of you. I know if I could pass these math classes so can you. I am alot stronger in math today than ever before. Don't give up on yourself before even trying. I wish you the best of luck.
  5. by   Darkstar1485
    I am TERRIBLE at math. the nursing program i applied to does not require statistics or chemistry. But, i did take chemistry, and it wasnt that bad. First off, if you have a choice, research the professors for those subjects. some professors understand that not everyone is a math or chem whiz. my professor took pity on you if you worked your butt off. you could get C's on every exam but if you came for extra help and had great attendance, she would boost your grade. so, don't get down. some professors who know that you are a nursing major will work with you to get that C or B if you really put in your all. all you can do is try your best. study hard, talk to your professors, get a math and chem for dummies books ( like i did lol). YOU CAN DO THIS!!!
  6. by   Jonahyona
    Thank you for the encouragement. I decided that when the time come for statistics and chemistry I will email the professor about my worries, attend extra help, get a tutor and study study study.
  7. by   Okami_CCRN
    Statistics is more of a language course than a math course. I found it to be fun, and I HATE math. Chemistry based math is very basic to say the least. You can do this, I hate math and do horrible in a math course but I happened to get a B+ in stats and B's in General Chem I & II. Do not put yourself down!
  8. by   leenak
    There are different types of statistics classes as well. I took a statistics class offered by the math department and it was very math heavy. I'd discuss your concerns with your advisor when you are planning out classes.
  9. by   kandamom
    I have NEVER done well in math and if fact DID NOT graduate from high school because I couldn't pass algebra classes. So fast forward 10 years, not only did I make a 100% on a stats test, I overall passed my chem + lab class with over a 100 percent this semester! You can do it! I thought math would hold me back from everything I wanted in life, I thought I was just unable to do math!
    First off, stats is so different, not mathy math at all...It was seriously a breeze for me! Chem has math, but very basic math once you understand how to set up the formulas. I actually found it very enjoyable because the way you set up the problems is like a matching game to me!
    Second, in both classes we used calculators for everything! Nothing too bad! Preview your professor options! Get on common rating sites, like ratemyprofessor or myedu. com
    Make sure the professors you choose have good ratings, you need to make sure you have a good teacher! Can't stress that enough! Made all the difference for me!
  10. by   MoniqueS
    You can do it. College math is much different than high school math, at least it was for me. My college teachers were much better! I was never good at math. I had to take dev.math when I returned to college and then statistics. It took a lot of study. I had to force myself to work on it but time passed and I passed the classes. Practice with your calculator and take it test by test. . Good luck.
  11. by   Everline
    I used to think math would prevent me from reaching my goals too. But I didn't give up and you don't have to either. Someone here said to make sure your teachers have good ratings and that does make a difference. I've had math teachers that helped me feel like I could do it—that were excellent at teaching in a way that made sense to me...and it was such a different experience from the times I sat in class not understanding one problem that was written on the board.

    There are so many resources online or at the bookstore or library to help you. Why not try spending some time each week working on math goals, starting small and building your confidence along the way. That really helped me and I found that I started to like working through math problems and learning new skills because I saw that I could do it. I also discovered what my common mistakes are and found some solutions to help me not make them as often. I know it's hard to believe but math can be relaxing and almost meditative. Yes. Really!

    I can't say math is now my favorite subject or that I am great at it. But I do feel that I am perfectly capable of doing the math that is necessary to become a nurse....and be a nurse. I'll bet you are too. Just set your mind to it and find a way to get around this obstacle!
  12. by   shay&lynn
    congratulations on your acceptance!!

    let me say that i like you, am also terrible at math!! math and i don't get along !! i have had issues ever since the 5th grade.
    i also started taking chem in HS [that was 14 years ago-gosh, i am old!!] and found it to be to complicating, i got frustrated, and dropped it.

    now with that being said, lets fast forward from that HS point 10 years...

    i took chemistry 2 years back and got an A, granted it wasn't an easy A, but i did it. i also have taken 2 math classes and gotten A's in those as well, i am set up to take another math class this fall as well...

    i just finished my first semester of RN school and math is a MUST! i opted to take a drug calculation elective that helped me out so much [highly recommend if you get the chance], i passed the class with a B and most recently took our nursing math exam for first semester students and got a 100%. i worked very hard to get that 100%, asking questions if i didn't understand and getting extra worksheets for practice.

    i was in the same mind set as you, freaked out about the chem and math, but i made it thru and i know you can too!

    one other suggestion, my college has a math center as well as a science center for those that need that extra help. i would check it out and see if your facility has the same thing.

    best of luck! you got this
  13. by   applewhitern
    I don't know what your nursing school's program entails, but we had to take a math test at the beginning of every semester, and had to make at least 90% on it. My chemistry class was all math, but I took a class meant for engineering students because that was the only one I could get in at the time. Also, most nursing schools have a statistics class for students that are not planning a degree in math, engineering, etc. I know my university had a statistics class especially meant for the nursing students. Buy yourself the drug calculation book that you will need for nursing school, and go ahead and start studying it. When I first got out of nursing school, way back when, we had to calculate all of our drips ourselves, such as dopamine rates, that sort of thing, but now most hospitals have IV pumps that do all the calculating for you, so once you start working, there really isn't much math involved anymore. Most of the drugs come in unit doses these days. It really isn't all that hard. I once couldn't work without a calculator in my hand, but nowadays I rarely use one, because everything is already done for you.
  14. by   brandy1017
    Here is a math tip, you must do the homework and if the problem is you spend hours on a math problem and can't get the right answer there is a solution. It's called a "solutions" manual and is a supplement to math textbooks. Colleges might not offer them, but if you look in the math book it will tell you about available supplements and you can then order the solutions manual online.

    Helped me get thru College Algebra, it is wonderful because it shows you how to get the right answer so you don't spend hours getting a wrong one and not know why! Highly recommend it to anyone that struggles with math, a wonderful resource, I don't know why it's not more highly publicized! Math is about knowing the formulas and once you know then doing the homework helps ground the formulas in your brain! It really works!