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Hi everyone, hope everyone is having a smoother experience than me. I am so frustrated!!!! I just want to get into a nursing school and get started!! Is cost something most of you adult students are looking at? I am truly... Read More

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    Quote from cajjj
    Hi everyone, hope everyone is having a smoother experience than me. I am so frustrated!!!! I just want to get into a nursing school and get started!!
    Is cost something most of you adult students are looking at? I am truly kicking myself, I had it good, was a nursing BSN major at a local university straight out of high school, no hassle, just got accepted right in because of high school grades, etc. I FOOLISHLY dropped out of the program. This was almost 15 years ago. Now here I am a divorced mother of two young children really chomping at the bit to get back in nursing school. I have found this is definitely not a cakewalk trying to get into one now. Now, it's I have to take 75 hours of CNA classes and a NET test for one, or most schools my science classes need to be retaken because it's been so long since I took them before. There is one school in KY I can get right in an LPN program and then bridge over to RN, but the COST is a deterent. I don't know how I'm going to live if all my loan amounts go to tuition, with nothing for living expenses. I am finally, although very reluctant to, just thinking of trying to attend a LPN school, then going on to do an online LPN to BSN program. I don't know how wise that kind of career path would be. I am trying to see about getting in an Accelerated BSN program, but it's the COST of the tuition that is getting me. You can only get so much in loan amounts if you are already a college graduate. My own personal preference is ultimately to have a BSN, but ADN would be fine for a while, this has just become so disheartening. Is there anyone out there who had really hoped to go for your BSN, but because of life circumstances have to settle for an LPN school and then bridge up?
    Hi I can relate to what you are currently going through as I was in a similiar situation. I too have a degree already (non-nursing) started out in nursing changed my major, graduated in 2000, worked for 2 years before wanting to get a degree in nursing. I looked at diploma programs but my heart was set on a BSN. Decided that just having a diploma wasn't what i wanted. So what i did was set up an appt with two school nursing programs, 1 an accelerated bsn prog, the other an ADN community college program, and took my prerequisites that both required, it took me two years to finish the prerequisites, but that was ok because i had little money too and i too paid cash and a few loans and after i finished them applied to both programs at the same time. That way if i didn't get accepted to the BSN which was the one i really wanted, I would have an option for the ADN if accepted. Well I too, by that time didn't qualify for loans when i was accepted, so I already had a full-time job and the BSN program that i applied to offered weekend/evening classes. I worked during the day and went to school at night and on weekend. Needless to say i didn't have much of a life but I did it. It was hard but anything you want bad enough you can acheive it. If you really want that BSN apply to an ADN & BSN at the same time and take the required prereqs for both programs. Look for a school accelerated BSN that offers during the weekend and evening classes. I didn't think i could do it either but it some how worked out. I took my time with the prerequisites because of the money situation and i ended up having to take 2 classes that i didn't need because i was accepted to the bsn program and not the adn but this way i gave myself a better chance of getting into one of the programs. The ADN is only a step away from the bsn maybe 1 year to get a bsn so if you do not get accepted to the ADN program only a year to finish. I personally would not take a LPN class when you already have a BSN in another field when you can get into an accelerated program. Good LUck to you

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    Thanks, your all's posts are helping me get some insight. Sometimes it helps to have contact with others in the same situation or experience with the same situation. The more I think about it, I really do want my RN as opposed to an LPN right off, but that's just me personally. I am needing an extra dose of PATIENCE though with this whole situation. I am 36, not getting any younger, and just really ready to be in a program. I'm sure there are others who probably feel the same way, I'm not the only one and it helps to see I'm not the only one on this board with these frustrations.
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    I also have a Bachelor's in another subject and I went with an accelerated BSN. For me it was the best option because of the time length (as someone else said, sometimes it can be cheaper because you're paying for fewer school sessions) and because I preferred another Bachelor's degree over an ADN. I will also receive 12-15 credits toward my MSN, which is another plus for me since I plan to go back to school at some point and pursue that.

    I was fortunate to have not had loans for my BA, so I was not *as* concerned with taking out loans for school and living expenses, though I will admit it is nervewracking to not have any income. My program is 15 months long, but is very much full time. I am fortunate in that I am single, no kids, and sharing living expenses with someone else, but it can definitely be done with other living situations. About 1/4 of my class has children ranging from ages 1-25, some married, some not. As everyone said, it really depends upon your own situation. Good luck to you!
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    I am doing the accelerated route myself, but it's 15 months at a public school paying in-state tuition. I am planning on taking out loans b/c I don't plan on working during the program - but for me it's time that's important. Hurricane Katrina cost me 2 years of school, my husband and I would like to have children, and we would really like me to graduate first. Make sure you fully investigate the accelerated program(s) in your area, and then maybe apply to ADN as well as A-BSN unless it's completely cost-prohibitive. For me, the prereqs for both were almost exactly the same (since I'd already taken Eng, language, etc. for first degree) and the accelerated program actually takes less time than an ADN here. Absolutely look into all of your options, financially, timewise, and what your needs are right now. We can tell you why we decided what we did, but you havw your own circumstances to worry about. Good luck with getting your degree, however you do it!
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    I myself started out thinking, wow I need to do this fast. I can't wait to be a nurse. Then I started taking all the classes, working full time and raising two kids ( 13 & 14) and it's so tough now I think the CC route may be the one I will take. I am looking into some private schools as well because the CC in my area requires a CNA for admission. I am currently taking that class but I can not see myself working as a CNA again. Decisions decisions... I feel your pain

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