Doing a 180 yet again...

  1. I've been doing a ton of research and I have a few questions.

    In pharmacy, for example, clinical pharmacists seem to do the pure intellectual work as opposed to retail for example.

    What branch of nursing does not have to do with the 'floor' and one in which you do not see a lot of deep wounds, broken bones and the like?

    Which one you think: Psych nurse, cardiac, neuro (which is the toughest physically)?

    I'm really curious about these, especially from people who've been there. That will help me tremendously Perhaps, starting in engineering technology but I'm still confused about jobs.

    This leads me to my next question:

    Do you know someone who was/is in biomedical engineering technology?

    Eventually, I may either study civil or mechanical engineering. Any thoughts?

    Finally, apparently many people here shed a little bit of light on the real life of a nurse and I must admit, it scared me. But maybe, that's just what I needed to hear (without the nastiness, of course). Please add anything else that could aid me in this difficult phase of life. Thanks.
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