Do you think this fall class schedule is doable? Do you think this fall class schedule is doable? - pg.2 | allnurses

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Do you think this fall class schedule is doable? - page 2

My Fall2012 Schedule: -1st Nursing Course : NUR129(NUR 129: PROFESSIONAL SOCIALIZATION: EDUCATION FOR PROFESSIONAL NURSING PRACTICE) -A&PII -Nutrition -Organic & Biological Chemistry. Do you... Read More

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    I won't be working either...we both will be taking A&P I... feel free to reach out to me! (I should meet the 15 posts soon so I can accept PM.
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    I think you can do it! I've worked full-time while taking all of my prereqs and managed to take A&P II and Chem in the same semester (and actually got an A in both classes). It's not easy, but it's possible!
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    You would know better than anyone if you can handle that course load. Last semester I took anatomy, physiology, and microbiology at the same time, all with labs. My advisor and every single one of my professors and classmates told me it was a bad idea and to drop at least one of the classes. I wasn't working so I was able to dedicate most of my time to studying. I ended up getting an A in all three classes and was so glad I didn't drop like everyone was suggesting!! Time management is key! Good luck!