Discouragement from others - Do I have what it takes? - page 2

Hello! I'm 22 and currently finishing up my per-requisites to apply to the nursing program in the near future. Currently, I hold a 4.0 GPA. While in high-school I was a bit of a wild child, couldn't... Read More

  1. by   margerator
    Well, I wonder what her GPA is! Don't worry about some people like that! You will be a fine nurse!
  2. by   cbsncmom
    I am in my first year of pre-reqs and I have stopped telling people at school that I am going into nursing. Why? Because of this exact thing your talking about. Every person I meet is going into Nursing, and has something negative to say if you tell them that you are as well. I am 41 years old today, and I don't have time or the patience for small minded individuals. I have made friends with two girls and one guy that are going into Nursing, and we are really being supportive of each other. Find a few people that you can talk to, and stick with them. Take anyone negative out of your life.
  3. by   soxgirl2008
    Don't listen to her. That's a silly ignorant comment. You do NOT need a 4.0 to be a good nurse. A lot of the nurses I work with had mediocre grades going into clinicals, and didn't get straight As through clinicals. And they are great nurses. GPA isn't everything.
  4. by   jeo684
    Honestly I think I would've given her a dirty look. You know a lot of the best medical professionals are not the most "book smart" .... They have common sense! I doubt she does... Cause if she does, she wouldn't of said that.
    You sound like you have your heart and mind into so shake her off... Because I'm sure she won't last in the field.