Discouraged with my grade

  1. This semester has been pretty tough on me. I'm taking A&P 1 and the second part of Chem. I also work, so two sciences in one semester is a lot for me on top of that. I feel like I've barely been staying afloat this semester despite busting my butt to get the best grades possible. I found out I'll be getting a B in my A&P lab and I'm so discouraged. I know it's not the end of the world but I was really hoping for that A. I have two other degrees (a BA and a masters). I went to college young and had too much fun so I finished my bachelors with a 3.2. I completed my masters degree with a 3.9, which I feel is much more indicative of my abilities and work ethic. But because of that 3.2 from many many years ago I feel like I HAVE to make A's in my science courses. Do you think one B in lab will be that big of a deal? Also will that old GPA come back to haunt me or will schools give more weight to my more recent grades?
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  3. by   zoe92
    I think you will be fine. Not only is one B okay but a 3.2 is much better than many previous GPAs that I have read about on this site. Maybe just avoid taking 2 science pre reqs together again.
  4. by   monica427
    Thanks Zoe. I definitely wish I hadn't taken the two classes together. When I signed up I decided to take the two based on my work situation at the time. Shortly after the semester began I ended up having to take on more hours at work than I had anticipated. Thanks to course sequencing this is the only time I could take two together anyway. So I don't plan on making the same mistake again for sure!
  5. by   zoe92
    I hear you! I took a science class accelerated last summer... it was awful. I ended up having to retake it. It is definitely humbling and I realized I could not do it all (work, class, enjoy summer). Good luck!
  6. by   lauren_elizabeth
    I did very poorly in undergrad, and graduated with a 2.7 GPA. At that point my life, I just wanted to be done with school and didn't really care about grades. I've been in school now for pre-reqs and making pretty good grades. I just got accepted into a BSN program (while still having 5 pre-reqs in progress). I know how you feel though (I've been kicking myself for the past 9 months for my old GPA!!)--but I think I had a very good Essay, as well as references. I also wrote an academic forgiveness basically being honest about my not so great GPA. The best thing you can do now is be positive, even if there is a B! B's aren't bad!