disappointed in myself

  1. I have worked in a job for 25+ years and suddenly i knew nursing was for me. I have dreamed and have worked in getting accepted in the nursing program. This is my 2nd to the last semester and I feel like a duck out of water. I feel dumb when i make mistakes or take a while in answering a question in med surg or pediatric only to find out by the instructor that the answer is wrong. I question whether i am going to become good nurse. I love God and people thinking i was going to make a difference. I wanted to ask the 15 plus experienced nurses...Is this normal?
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  3. by   Devon Rex
    A couple of my professors have said to me it takes a while to get comfortable. Most will advice you to work at least 1 year of med/surg ... and then branch out if you want to.

    I am going to skip med/surg because I don't think I can handle all the information and pressures it entails. I will be looking for a job at a doctor's office or clinic. At 43 it is easier for me if I concentrate in one specialty than try to get comfortable with everything (all diseases, meds, etc)... especially when I know which area I want to specialize in. But that is just me.

    If nursing is your "calling", stick with it. Keep moving forward and follow your intuition. You will end up where you are supposed to be.


    ** I am changing careers as well. **
  4. by   England8.
    I say it's normal. All my old professors said nursing school was meant to push your limits and stress you out (and man did it). Hopefully when you graduate you'll be on a floor with kind, helpful nurses that will help you through the transition of student to nurse. Best of luck!
  5. by   pmabraham
    Good day:

    While it is easier said than done, don't feel dumb / stupid.

    Part of the adventure in life is making mistakes and learning from them.

    Thank you.