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There is a rumor in my school stating that A&P II is an easier course to take than A&P I. I (of course) am hoping this is correct, but I just don't know. For anyone out there who has already taken both A&P classes, did you... Read More

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    I did better in A/P II than A/P I. I liked learning about the physiology of the body better because I think with anatomy, it's more like memorizing.
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    I just found out that I passed A&P II this semester. From my experience A&P II was more challenging than A&P I. I do not mind trying to memorize bones and tissues. In fact, the little anatomy that we did in A&P II was the easiest part of taking the course for me. I enjoyed learning about blood, the digestive system, the urinary system and the reproductive system, but just learning all those extra small, minor details were mind-blowing!!! I will be taking microbiology in the fall, I believe I now know what kind of studytime I will need to put in. Thanks for all your comments and replies!
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    Part 2 is much easier. Once you know the anatomy, the physiology falls into place easily.
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    In retrospect, it was definitely easier. It wasn't so much memorization and more physiology as others have said. Also, in A&P 1, we were tested on five chapters a time..A&P II at the most was three chapters per test. It was still a lot of info, but easier somehow.
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    I didn't think that A&P II was much easier, but I can say that I was more relaxed about it, as I was already familiar with the structure of the course. I got the same grade in both A&P I and II, but in A&PI I had higher scores on exams, because I was so anxious and I tried really really really hard to study everything.
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    I thought that A&P II was easier than A&P I. It was just that you had learned the basics about systems in I and now in systems II it's just how everything in systems I makes all of the rest of the systems work.
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    I don't know if A and P 2 was easier but certainly more interesting to me therefore making it easier to study for and learn. Made A's in both but if I had to do one over again it would be AP2. Just my opinion.
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    I thought A&P I was easy because I'm very good at memorizing things.
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    I had a harder time with A&P II. At least it seemed like I did. I did better on A&P II lecture exams, but worse on lab quizzes and practicals compared to A&P I. However, in A&P I we were offered a lot of extra credit...A&P II there was very little of it...so maybe that is why it seemed harder..? I think so much depends on the school and the instructor and how hard they want to make it..