Denied and lost

  1. I applied to the Collin College ADN program for fall 2013 entry. I made A's in A&P I and II, Micro, and Statistics. I got all of my immunizations....( I even finally quit smoking 6 months ago...mostly for me and sort of for this) I got the letter two days ago, denied.

    My GPA was not competitive for this cohort. I have been in college for a while now, I can only afford (financially and time wise)to take one or two classes a semester. I work full time. So far I have earned an associated degree in science with a 3.1 overall GPA. I know I need a change, I want a professional career that combines my interest in science and medicine with a salary that allows me to continue my education perhaps in something arts and science related . Nursing seems financially attainable in a reasonable amount of time, rewarding, and perfect!

    so I buckled down and worked hard and aced my Pre reqs; I have a 4.0 (on the first try). With the other courses Collin was considering psychology, lifespan psych, sociology, composition 1, I have 3.8. I thought I had good odds. Guess not.

    I had hoped that after being accepted into a program I should apply for a student loan and go full time ( like I have always wanted ).

    now the clock is ticking ...

    I know I can apply to Collin again in July, but I have been thinking and searching the internet. should I even go for this ADN program? $5,000 doesn't seem too bad but to get the BSN it's an additional $7k

    Maybe I should enroll in TWU's bachelor of science in nursing program? they say 4 years but it seems like with the 90 something credit hours I have under my belt it, would be less. I have to finish chemistry (I'm taking it now) and Nutrition (already enrolled for the summer) for TWU's program. Their website states about 12k for 9 months, It seems like going there will cost twice as much 24k= 2 years (guessing).

    I am starting to think maybe I should look into something else anyway.. I am artistic and creative .... but I really enjoy learning about science... I need a stable rewarding career. I was so looking forward to this and now I am so disappointed.

    does anyone have thoughts on how to pick a program?
    advice about loans? ( apply before or after I am accepted, how much should i ask for for living expenses, where do I go to get one where I wont be buried alive in debt?)
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  3. by   Trenata
    Are there any classes where you previously made a C that you can retake to boost the GPA?

    I looked into TWU's program too, they are more forgiving when it comes to GPA I think. Have you looked into WGU's online program in TEXAS, it is very affordable for a BSN?

    If you have an associates degree you can qualify for up to a $2000 scholarship when you transfer to a four year university which is what I am hoping for when I apply to nursing school. It sounds like you did well in science which is what they look for at WGU concerning the GPA, however you do also need to do well on the TEAs V for their program. I think you should consider applying to other programs if possible and see what kind of financial aid you can receive. There are other ADN programs in the area like NCTC and Brookhaven.
  4. by   Trenata
    Also, there are ways to get applications fees waived, like a referral code. You will just have to google it and see what you come with for each individual university.

    Good luck to you, I don't think you should give up if nursing is what you want to do.
  5. by   rachael0588
    I just sent you message about Collin!
  6. by   katrinad
    ok Do not panic. Take an easy class to bring up your Gpa and reaply ok. I have seen others do this my gpa was a 3.5 and I passed the hesi,However I did have a back up plan look and apply to other colleges as well I was considering kaplan yes they do have a ground college as well as online try to go for your bachellors and reaply after that ok. It will work out trust me and smile
  7. by   BunnyBunny
    Many people are applying to nursing school. My rule of thumb, apply to more than one school if you can. So yes, apply to TWU. I know the money thing can be scary, but there are loans. I did the MSN program and it cost me 60K !!! The biggest debt I ever had before that was $100!! Its okay, once I started working I was making more than that in a year.